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Throwbabies for the Holidays

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, you need look no further than our friends at Throwboy. We’ve long been supporters of these awesome pillow. Heck, I admit to having every one of them ever made. I am really excited about their newest product: Throwbabies. These things are just – dare I say it as a dude? – adorable.

All of your favorite chat sayings have been hand-sewn onto tiny replicas of the original Throwboy pillow. Personally, I need the N00B one, the WTF one and the FML one. These little gems are only nine dollars each, or three for twenty-three bucks. They’ll make excellent stocking stuffers, yo!

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Trim Your Turf: Geek Style

It’s a well-known fact that I love to collect wacky gadgets and gizmos. I seem to have a fetish for furniture and decor that reflects who I am, which I proudly display in nearly every room of my home.

A few weeks ago, I posted an article showing off some very cool Geek furniture I had come across. The response was so positive that I decided to take the concept to another level, and found other items you may suddenly feel the need to own.

ASCII Curtains are sure to add spice to any room of your humble abode.

The CPU Desk was made from scratch using 800 computer processors. This may be a great way to reduce computer waste in our landfills, but it won’t make your computer run any faster.

The LunaBlocks bricks make me drool a little every time I see them. They are designed and created by Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker, and come in multiple colors and materials that are easily stacked together.

Using guts from two old Apple G4 computers along with an ATI graphics card, Justin Adler created what is likely the sexiest table on the planet.

I am glad I paid attention in math class back in high school. This clock has had all of the numbers replaced with the equivalent notation.

If you’re a fan of RSS, then this lamp shade will brighten your day (or should that be “dim” your day?).

As December 25th draws near, these Game Controller ornaments may help you get into the Christmas spirit.

I love Tetris! I would keep a glass of ice water beside me at all times if I had a few of these Tetrice ice trays in my freezer.

ThinkGeek never ceases to amaze me. The Space Invaders cutting boards are all hand-made.

I had to save the best for last. Forget about reading a book while in the bathroom. If this bathroom was in my house, I don’t think you’d ever see me in my home office again. Feast your eyes on this work of perfection, fellow Geeks. This “Souped-Up John” features a TV, TiVo, DVD, XBox, laptop, refrigerator, megaphone, Ipod dock and a way to get some exercise!

Will someone please hide my credit cards? I feel an urge to shop coming on.

How to Picnic: Geek Style

Geeks do not like to use boring, simple things. It goes against everything we believe in for us to use something that is plain or “normal”. We like to stand out, and we like to use things that reflect our Geeky nature. That’s why I absolutely love this picnic table. I think this thing would look perfect in my backyard!

Now, all I need to do is figure out how to prepare a picnic meal. Easy enough?

[Photo Credit: Unknown]

iPhone Coasters

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Pixie loves hanging out in my den. I have several Geeky things scattered about, including my new coaster set. These particular coasters come from Meninos, and have designs on them of popular apps you would find on the iPhone or iPod Touch. They’re lightweight, even with the padding on the bottom to keep them from sliding around.

If you check out the website, there are several unique home decor ideas. I have the Mac folder placemats in addition to my coasters, and am planning to purchase the iPhone-looking deck of cards as soon as the entire set is available. You’ll find doormats and computer cases and throw pillows. There are hangers and lamps and magnets. Oh my! I just noticed that there is a huge “Coming SOON!” section… holy batman. I see some salt shakers that will look perfect in my kitchen. Let’s not forget to grab the birdhouses and knife holders. I’m not going overboard here, am I?

Geeking out your office or home isn’t as difficult as it used to be – even a year ago. There are millions (okay, maybe a couple hundred) of websites out there dedicated to the hard-core technology enthusiast in you. You can decorate to your heart’s content – as long as you don’t plan on finding a girlfriend any time soon. I’m not currently in the market for one, so I plan to keep on buying as many of these cool little doo-dads as I can.

Pixie may appreciate all of the Mac things lying around, but Wicket doesn’t. He’s a Linux dog, and turns his nose up every time I bring in something new. He’s waiting for me to grab some Tux doo-dads for his area of the room, I think. I have severalThrowboy pillows in here. What more could he ask for?

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Top Furniture for Geeks

Just a few short years ago, the word Geek still had negative connotations attached to it. Companies didn’t really make products designed specifically for those of us who proudly label ourselves as Geeks. Today, though, all of that has changed. It seems that nearly every company now sells products aimed at our Geeky side. You can find everything from shower accessories to jewelry – and everything in between! There are several websites dedicated to selling nothing but Geek items. If you know where to look, you can even find some amazing Geek furnishings for your home!!

Scrabble Furniture

Periodic Table

Nintendo Chair

Captain Kirk Chair

Geek Shower

Geek Door Lock

CD Chair

Book Chair

Pac-Man Shelves

Pac-Man Coffee Table

LEGO Couch

Number Keys Seat

Rubik’s Cube Tables

Calculator Chairs


These are just a few of the things that I’ve come across on my travels across the web. What Geeky furniture have you seen, that I may have missed?

Some of the furniture pictures were also featured in a blog post on Geek.Ology.