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This is the Mother of all Ties

Technology geeks don’t normally like to dress up. When I have to, I tend to wear jeans with a t-shirt and jacket. If I must wear a tie for some crazy reason, I wear the geekiest one I can possibly find. I can’t help it. Wearing boring dress clothes is just not who I am, and I’m willing to bet most of you out there are nodding in agreement right now. This is why I was so stoked to come across the new Motherboard Tie!

I would wear this tie while eating green eggs and ham. I would wear this tie while hopping on one foot and waving my arms around in the air. I would wear this tie when standing on a stage. I would wear this tie to bed and let it give me cool-geek-tie dreams.

You get the point. The only question left to answer is: Which shirt should I wear?

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Where Do You Buy T-Shirts for Geeks?

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I do love T-Shirts. I wear one pretty much every day. I got a new set of them recently, and have worn a few of them in previous videos. You might want to pay attention, because I’m about to tell you where you can get them! They are done by J!nx.

What is J!nx, you ask? It’s a clothing company for Gamers and Geeks! Where else should you get all your gear, if not from a store that caters specifically to you?

The shirts are very soft. I’m all about comfort – and style! – and J!nx certainly fits the bill with both. I really like the look of these. I love the colors, as well. They’re truly vibrant – and very different than what you can get in any store.

For comfort and style – at an excellent price – that Geeks will love, how can you NOT order a few for yourself?

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