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Broken Xbox 360

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Every weekday, I ride my Gazelle for 45 minutes. This helps me get my muscles moving and helps to keep me healthy. While I’m “working out” on the machine, I usually either watch a movie or play a game on my Xbox 360.

However, when I signed on today, I noticed my avatar was freaking out. I guess this may be a bug report? It used to look like me. I’m not sure what’s going on. Perhaps Microsoft feels that my mug is too ugly to have on their system.

Whatever is happening, I will continue to burn calories. It will just be more tedious and boring to do so without my beloved console.

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I love my Gazelle. Strike that: I’ve loved all three of my Gazelles. I have tried a variety of models throughout the years, and am most satisfied with the one I recently acquired. The Gazelle Power Plus is certainly the most stable and sound of all Gazelles, although it won’t fold away for storage (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, speaking largely to its solid structure).

I ordered a Gazelle Power Plus through Amazon a few months ago, and they pushed back the delivery date a few times. Ultimately, I decided to cancel the order and get the Gazelle through another vendor, instead. That second-order delivery was made on time, but Amazon decided to ignore my original cancelation and delivered the first-order Gazelle the other day.

What does this mean? I’ve got TWO Gazelle Power Plus units in my house and I only need one. I’m a bit upset at Amazon for messing this up for me, as we weren’t around to refuse the delivery. They screwed up, and this isn’t a small package. Before I try to reason with Amazon’s customer service (I’m nervous about that), I wanted to see if there was anybody in the Seattle area who wanted a Gazelle Power Plus? It’s never been opened or assembled. If I can make back the money I spent on it, I’ll be satisfied (a little over $300, but we could call it “even” at that).

Do you want a Gazelle?