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Zeemote is a Game Controller for Your Phone

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There are tons of games out there for mobile devices. However, they aren’t always easy to play without the benefit of a controller. Zeemote has come up with a game controller for your phone and other mobile devices that connects via Bluetooth technology.

During a recent Bluetooth SIG event, I learned about a better way to game on my mobile devices. Theoretically, Zeemote will work on any device which is Bluetooth-enabled and the serial port profile. The device needs to have an application that has been made Zeemote ready. The company provides an SDK to the top fifteen game developers.

Their controllers have an analog joystick and four programmable buttons. They allow for a console-like gaming experience right on your phone. You never have to take your eyes off the screen to check that your fingers are in the right position on the phone. They’re available from BestBuy right now for around $40.00.

Are you a mobile gamer? I can’t get over how popular this type of game-playing is becoming. Mobile gaming is a multi-million dollar business these days, and everyone from newcomers to huge corporations are owning a piece of the pie. Thinking back to when I was young and thinking the original Atari was the coolest invention ever (it WAS at the time!!), it’s so incredibly cool to see just how far we’ve come.

Think about it: back in those days, “cell phones” were owned mostly by the very rich and were these huge clunky devices. Can you even think of what it would have been like to play a game with one of those? There were no screens, really, so I’m not sure how you’d even pull it off. Then again, I doubt that back during my teen years you’d have convinced me we’d see something on the market like a Wii.

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Is This the Ultimate Game Controller?

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I met up with Cyrus while I was at PAX recently. He demonstrated for me (and all of you) what could possibly be the coolest, most uber-ultimate game controller ever! Imagine never having to pick up and hold a controller again, or mash keys on your poor, overworked keyboard. Imagine, if you will, that all you have to do is slip on a glove.

The Peregrine Glove gives you the power to control your game with the touch of a finger – literally. There’s no need to have to look down at a keyboard, or fumble for the correct keystrokes. Your game is now a part of you.

You can perform over 30 unique actions simply by touching your fingers, your palm or your thumb. Cyrus claims that it’s not as difficult to get used to as you would think. He demonstrated the Peregrine Glove while playing a game he’s been running for about four years. He said after probably 20 minutes, he had the basic hang of things. And, in under two hours he was playing like a pro using only the Peregrine Glove!

Free yourself from the constraints of cumbersome mice and keyboards when you’re playing your favorite game. Get rid of mis-strokes during a battle. Just touch your fingers together, and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without this in your life.

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Are You an 8-Bit Video Game Fan?

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There were 50 different games loaded on this controller, and it only cost me $13.00! I guarantee you’ve never seen these particular games before, but they are very reminiscent of games I used to play on the Nintendo growing up! The DreamGear Plug ‘n’ Play Controller is quite inexpensive, and filled with so many hours of fun!

This little game controller requires no video game system. Simply hook it up to your television using an AV cable… and you’re good to go! There are several fun little games, including ones with penguins! Kids of all ages will love this, I promise you.

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How to Keep Your Game Hands Cool: Nyko Airflow EX

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There seems to be approximately 1 billion game controllers on the market these days. Most of them happen to run only on Windows. Ugh! I need one that works on a Mac, as well. I think I finally found the perfect controller, as far as perfect goes for me. It’s the Nyko Airflow EX.

Nyko has just extended its range of PC controllers with the Air Flo EX for PC. Like its predecessor, the Air Flo PC, it is a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and precision. And here’s the kicker – now you get powerful driver software that allows you to create multiple custom button configurations. PLUS you can use the controller to emulate keyboard and mouse functions, allowing you to use the Air Flo EX with all games, even titles that are not game pad compatible. And unique Air Flo technology keeps your hands cool and dry, so you can play as long as you want with ease.

Not only is this a game controller, it also has a feature that other controllers don’t have. That’s right – in each handle there are air holes through which air blows from the fan that’s on the base of the controller. Why would you want this? Dude! Haven’t you ever held on to the controller so long that your hands and fingers sweat?? This will prevent that, and keep you nice and cool.

It has software not only for Windows, but for Mac OS X as well. If you don’t have the software to be able to re-map buttons, then the controller is really useless to you. You can map the keys on your mouse or keyboard to the buttons on your controller. I set this up with my Grid Wars game, just to try it out. You can see how easily everything works. It pretty much plays just like it would on the Xbox 360!!

Another thing that amazed me is the length of the cable! I could literally walk all over my office with it. That’s great when you don’t want to limit yourself to sitting right in front of your computer. Get up and move around while you play!

If you’re in the market for a new and better game controller for your computer, be sure to consider the Nyko Airflow EX. I guarantee you’ll be happy with it!

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What’s the Best Gamepad Game Controller?

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Here’s a question for you all: what kind of game controller do you use on your computer, if any? Is it wireless, wired or even a USB-connected controller? Mac OS X really doesn’t have a lot of options for game controllers, sadly. Believe me, I’ve looked for them! I really wanted something that would work with both Microsoft and Mac operating systems. That, until recently, was just something you couldn’t find.

I’ve been used to the way game controllers work in Windows. You plug it in, and it works with pretty much every game you want to play. This isn’t true of OS X. I’ve tried third party software to no avail. I’ve tried different hardware, including the drivers for the unofficial Xbox 360 controllers for the Mac. So, for about $20.00 I picked up Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. I can even get you a coupon if you want one.

The Dual Action Gamepad is all about control, comfort and convenience:

  • Versatile controls – Take charge with 12 programmable action buttons (including four shoulder buttons), analog joysticks with digital buttons, and a precise eight-way D-pad.
  • Analog performance – Expect precision from two analog sticks with digital buttons and smooth, precise action.
  • Logitech Profiler software (PC) – Get serious about your game with advanced button customization, multiple controller configurations, and printable gaming profiles.
  • Comfort grip – Play longer with less effort.
  • Plug-and-play setup – Simply plug it in and start playing.

It’s supposed to work for both Windows and Mac OS X. However, I maybe had one or two game that kind of worked in OS X. The reviews for this controller were really bad. Why did I buy it? There are literally no other options available. So, I decided to give it a shot. On Windows, I love the Xbox 360 game controller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work seamlessly for a Mac. I know you feel there are no games for OS X. That’s just not true. Ask people who were watching me play earlier. They were asking me where I got that game, because it looked cool. So see? There ARE games for the Mac!

I have no other options for OS X. This is a call for help. If you know of a USB game controller that actually works for a Mac, let me know. The Logitech isn’t cutting it. If I could just get it to work, I’d really like this SO MUCH. I can just tell, by the way it is laid out. Sadly, I’ll never get a chance to know now.

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