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Ask.com RSS Search – NOT!

Okay, I’m not making this up, folks: Ask.com’s RSS Search isn’t outputting RSS properly. Actually, it is and was – according to the RSS 2.0 spec, the link element is completely optional – though I must admit this was the first time we had encountered an RSS 2.0 feed that lacked the link element altogether. I completely stand corrected As with any Web service that outputs RSS for search queries, I immediately integrated it into Gada.be results. You’ll certainly find Ask.com listed on Gada.be today, but the links to results aren’t working properly (a discovery pointed out by a few of our regular users). I looked at the source, and it seemed normal to me. When Shayne went to troubleshoot it this morning, he came up with an amazingly ironic discovery: “This may sound stupid, but when I tried to filter Ask.com to work using my methods… I came to find out, they’re not putting a <link> node in their RSS!!!” Okay, now that’s just too funny. ROTFLMAO funny. No, what’s funny is that I didn’t realize the link element was optional – because to me, it would seem to be obligatory, and I can’t help but wonder if other news aggregators had issues with Ask.com RSS feeds. I’ll be sending a note to my friends at Ask.com immediately, as I can’t imagine this being a difficult fix. Wasn’t really a fix, but they did update it to include the link element rather quickly – speaking to the dedication and understanding that’s happening behind the scenes over there. There ya go – Gada.be makes for an excellent troubleshooting tool sometimes (as it also discovered feed discrepancies in MSN’s feeds a few months ago). Boo-ya! Here’s a screen shot for posterity. Just to show I’m not completely nuts – only partially. If it’s possible to be right and wrong at the same time, I did it.

Is Gada.be for You?

I needed to do this sooner or later, so I’ve revamped our About page with the following sections, outlining Gada.be cases for eight types of users: Enthusiast, Mobile, Developer, Business, Casual, Researcher, Jobseeker, and Shopper. I’d consider this a comprehensive list, but I’m sure there are a few usage points and user types I missed. The About page also now includes an extensive list of Gada.be’s resounding credibility in the blogosphere. The reasons for pointing out our supportive features will become evident to you in the Gnomedex timeframe. Do you have a usage case for Gada.be? Continue reading Is Gada.be for You?

Werner Vogels

Confirmed Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Werner Vogels. Yeah, that’s the CTO of Amazon – getting ready to jump on stage and lead a conversation about Web Services. Amazon’s been doing an awful lot with that lately – just ask Jeff. Amazon isn’t sponsoring Gnomedex (though I’m not sure why), but Werner’s going to be there based on merit. I gotta see if someone over there can help us get OpenSearch RSS for Gada.be…

ShopWiki Weally Wadical

Finally, someone who pays attention to the stuff that I do around here. It’s a bit form-letterish, but the guy nailed the first two points on the head.

You’ve covered Shopzilla in the past and Frucall more recently, so I think/hope you may be interested in ShopWiki and its new Mobile Shopping Search, launched today. ShopWiki Mobile Search allows shoppers to compare prices and skim buying guides from the comfort of their mobile phones. You won’t find buying guides on other mobile services and no one covers as many products. This, by the way, is one in a series of features ShopWiki will be rolling out over the next few months. We’re already the complete Search engine for shopping and we have no intention of letting up.

ShopWiki scores extra bonus points for outputing search results in RSS. Added to Gada.be’s shopping results. Score!