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AMD Cares About Bloggers

So, it’s official – AMD is a Gnomedex sponsor. Didn’t take much to convince them, either – in fact, when we told them that we were bringing together some of the world’s most prolific and influential bloggers, they jumped at the opportunity. For you see, though AMD’s corporate policy currently does not allow for blogging – they understand that being at Gnomedex and establishing real relationships with bloggers is key to their ongoing communications strategy. “Tell them that we’re here for them, whatever they need.” And you’ll be able to talk with the right AMD folks at Gnomedex – where the relationship goes from there is completely between you and them. [NOTE: we asked Intel early on if they wanted to be involved with Gnomedex, and they passed – draw your own conclusions.]

AMD AM2 FX-62 Processor

AMD AM2 FX-62 Processor.jpg

Here’s the AMD AM2 FX-62 Processor – not available in stores or PCs quite yet. I had an opportunity to play with it at WinHEC yesterday. Feels like a processor, man. Looks like a processor, too. The AMD representatives were quite kind to me, answering all the questions without all the ego that other companies seem to exude. AMD isn’t blogging yet, but some of their employees certainly have blogger-type personalities. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve. A great amount of technology and hardware enthusiasts are totally in AMD’s camp. Intel has to play catch-up. One thing’s for sure – there’s an impending processor war coming, and the consumers will win. If you’d like a larger view, just click on the picture. We’ll be interviewing AMD for the show soon enough (as we’ve already given Intel a chance to share their spin).