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What Does the Tech Future Hold?

While writing about the astronauts tweeting from space earlier tonight, I couldn’t help but think about other technology breakthroughs that could be coming sooner than we think. Even five years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed that we’d have people out in space sending real-time messages to us here on Earth via an instant-messaging type of communication such as Twitter.

Heck, five years ago we thought that “someday” we would have a black President. We figured maybe “one day” we would see cell phones that actually let us DO things. It seems to me as though “someday” is here much sooner than we figured.

What other things do you feel that we may see come to fruition sooner than we previously thought? What other ground-breaking news have you read today?!

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How to Send Yourself an Email in the Future

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Now is now, but you’re watching this video when it’s not now… even though it’s now when I recorded this video! This web resource is pretty awesome, and will let you send email now to yourself in the future!

FutureMe is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. You remember those letters you had to write your future self back in high school, don’t you? This is the same type of idea. You can write a letter to yourself, and use FutureMe to determine the date it should be delivered on.

Why not write a letter to yourself that talks about where you want to be with your career in one year? Send it to yourself a year from now, and then take a look objectively at how well you met those goals. Write anything and everything to yourself. You can make it public or private. Beware, though – if you choose to make the email public, the entire world can read it!

If you choose to register for the site, you can also send future emails to other people. On a sad – but poignant – note, a recent cancer victim sent a “future” email to his loved ones during his final days on Earth. The emails were received a few weeks later, and were very important to those he had left behind. You can use FutureMe in similar ways, or for anything your mind can dream up, whether it’s serious or fun!

Go ahead, you know you want to try it out. It’s free, and it’s easy to do. Check out FutureMe today! Now! Not tomorrow, but now – the REAL now!

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What is Your Favorite Technology?

While I was in Hawaii last week, I had the opportunity to record a “Question of the Day” video with Traci Toguchi. I decided to ask the question: What is your favorite piece of technology?.

Traci stated that there’s no way she could live without her cell phone. Not only is it used for calls, she also relies on it heavily to be able to check her emails and take care of her various online duties while she’s on the go. Today’s technology trend is pushing ever closer to being “all” mobile. We are busy, and we need our gadgets and gizmos to help keep us connected while we’re running around.

My answer was simply the Internet. The Internet has changed my life, and that of many others. We can do anything there, from research to connecting with people. I’ve been online since 1992, which is quite awhile now I know.

The world of the Internet has exploded since I’ve been online. In the future, it will become even faster and easier to access. It will also be more ubiquitous. It’s evolutionary, and there isn’t a question as to whether the Internet will continue to “be there” in the future. It’s going to be a huge part of our daily lives in years and decades to come.

Let’s turn it to all of YOU now. What one piece of technology could you not live without – and why?

How long have you been living with it?

What would make it better?

Do you consider yourself a tech addict?

Challenge a friend to answer the question, too:


One Small Act of Kindness…

Reading through things today in our community, I came across yet another post that gave me pause for thought. That seems to happen daily, doesn’t it? It’s so great to have all of you posting things that makes us all stop and think about life… often in a different way than we might otherwise have.

With the economy so tough and so many thousands of people out of work, it’s easy to lose hope. The house is getting foreclosed. The bills are stacking up. Luxuries are a thing of the past, as are dinners out – even at McDonald’s. It’s hard to see your way clear to remembering that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It’s nearly impossible at times like this to keep your hope alive, until one small, random act of kindness restores your faith.

Even though the post I mentioned above talks about a company who reached out to unemployed people, there are things all of us can do in order to help bolster the spirits of those we know and love who are having a rough time. I encourage YOU to reach out. You can do something simple, like taking a home-cooked meal to a family you know is having a hard time making ends meet. You could offer the use of your car to someone whose may have been repossessed due to job loss… they need wheels to go out and put in applications! Why not offer free babysitting time to that neighbor who is stressed out? Take her kids to your house for a few hours, and encourage her to relax and recharge herself.

All it takes is one simple little gesture to remind us that life is so much better than it may appear. Even during our worst times, there’s still hope.

Thank you to all of you who touch MY life each and every day just by being a part of this community. Even on the days when I struggle to do the things I need to do, I simply restore my own hope by reading what all of you contribute. I am so blessed to do something that I love so much – and it’s thanks to all of you.