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Facebook App Fun

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When I announced our new fUNICODE site a few weeks ago, you guys went ape! You were all over that, having a lot of fun transmogrifying your text into something fun. You took that text and pasted it on your Twitter accounts, your websites, and even into our chat room!

Now, the fun can continue on Facebook with our new fUNICODE Facebook App!! Thanks to David Nelson, you can use FunText on Facebook! By default, the App asks you what’s on your mind, just like your status does. The page will refresh after you type in your message and click the Go! button. Once it does, you’ll see a ton of different text available.

You have three options as to what you want to do with this text. You can post it to your own status. You can post it to a friend’s Wall! The last option is that you can also post it straight to Twitter with a click of a button. Oh! You can also choose to post your message to the FunText wall. That is absolutely optional, and up to you.

Go on! Install the App and have some fun! Post something to your own status using FunText, and then post something on your friend’s walls. Heck, go post something on MY wall with it!

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