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Ways to Make Your Home Office Smell Better

Let’s face it: our home offices and workshops tend to smell a bit stale at times. A lot of hardcore geeks don’t spend as much time on personal grooming as polite society deems… polite. We have better things to do with our time than to worry about how pleasing our surroundings smell, right? Wrong! Imagine how much happier you would be at work if your surroundings didn’t smell quite so rank!

What happens if you meet someone who could turn out to be your significant other were it not for the odd stench that clings to you from spending so much time in a sanctuary of stink? Even if you’ve succeeded in shedding the telltale wake of foul odors, maybe you’d like to invite this possible romantic interest over. Do you really want your office to smell like an old shoe — or worse? It only takes a few minutes to help freshen things up, beyond opening up the windows, that is. Here are a few quick ways to make your home office (or workshop) smell better…

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How to Make Your Room Smell Like an iPhone

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There’s going to come a time in your life when you feel the room you’re in just doesn’t smell very well. I had to get out my iPhone to freshen up the office recently, after Pixie had a little gas accident. All I did was use my new iFreshener App!

iFreshener was created in response to the flood of App Store programs designed to make the iPhone and iPod Touch fart, belch, and make other bathroom noises. Simply shake your iPhone to make the chemical-mixing sound, and then ‘spray’ the air freshener around the area. You and everyone around you will instantly feel like things just smell better.

This App is fun and silly, and will get people talking! If you know of other fun Apps for the iPhone – or for any other tech gadget – I want to know about them!

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