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Clean Text

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The community has asked me to do more videos about software. The biggest challenge is to find titles that most people may not have heard of. I also try to find things that are affordable and cross-platform. The other day, I stumbled across this software which is free – and cross-platform. What does it do? Perhaps the title of this video will help you figure that out!

CleanHaven will clean up your text. It’s not a text editor, so don’t mistake it for one. It’s not even a word processor. It’s a text cleaner. You can go through and change the case. Remove duplicates, show duplicates or show uniques. Fix spacing, columns, spelling errors, sort lines in several different ways, and even remove excess returns.

There are hundreds of things you can do with this powerful piece of free software. For example you can turn all company names to Sentence Case, all UK postcodes to Uppercase or remove any trailing spaces, tabs or punctuation. There is no limit to the amount of text that can be pasted. Simply set the attribute(s) you want changed, and tell the software to clean.

At some point, you’re going to need at least one (and likely many more) of the features inside of this software. You never know when you’ll need something like this. It’s free – and small in size. Isn’t it a good idea to grab it for yourself right now while you’re thinking about it?

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Download Center

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Every so often, you may need to download something to make your computer or mobile device run better. There are millions of pieces of software and applications available for every operating system you can think of. To help you find the best deals on software of every type, we’ve created our new Downloads center! Every day, we feature the very best software – including games! – that we can find, at excellent prices!

I’ve been downloading and gathering together software since 1996. I admit it… I’m addicted to software! I always have been. On the downloads center, we even have free software available. If you want to download your favorite software at no cost to you, just choose the program you want, complete a simple offer, and download the full version of your chosen application!

There are several people on our team who are all monitoring this software to the best of their ability. They don’t allow any questionable content to be added and they haven’t let anything with malware in it slip by, either. If you ever come across something on the site you don’t feel is quite “right” in some way, please send me an email. We will look into it faster than immediately.

We post an aggregate every day on Geeks in the blog section. In that post, you’ll find the very newest programs we’ve come across, as well as some really excellent deals. I’m also doing my best to keep Twitter and Facebook updated with the hottest deals.

If you’re not interested in this service, that’s fine. If you are – check it out! I’m all ears, and want to hear your feedback. We can’t make the site better without your help!

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Unique Mac OS X and Windows Freeware

You’ve likely seen hundreds, if not thousands, of “top 10” lists of Mac OS X freeware floating around. Everybody seems recommend the same titles, which doesn’t make it easier for you to discover equally free, unique software. Popular titles are usually popular for a reason: they’re good. But obscure binaries can be just as nice to use.

  1. MacOSaiX: From a source image, create mosaics easily with image searches from Google, Flickr, etc.
  2. CosmicPainter: Spin art for your desktop (without the clean-up). Export still images and movie compositions, too!
  3. QT Sync: Correct audio / video sync, ratio issues on-the-fly.
  4. Sloth: There’s no easier way of discovering which files are open on your system at any given time (like, to the geekieth degree).
  5. Tunatic: Identify a song simply by playing a sample of it into your microphone. Also available for Windows!
  6. Bricksmith: Virtual Lego modeling. Try it, if only for the minifigure generator!
  7. Mario Paint Composer: Eat your heart out, GarageBand. Also available for Windows!
  8. RGB MusicLab: What does an image sound like? Find out by importing pixels and exporting sound bytes with the least amount of fuss and maximum amount of customization. Also available for Windows!

Not quite a list of 10 unique apps, but I’ve struggled to find items that aren’t listed “everywhere” else. Do you have any suggestions for me? Like, truly suggesting programs that “nobody” has heard about before?

Free Software Offers

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Community member Kevin found a website which promised free software, but ran into a little snafu:

I wanted a free copy of Roxio. After going through what seemed to be thousands of offer screens, never seeing an end to the night mare, I finally just closed the browser. Are these offers legitimate and if so, how the heck do you really get a free copy of Roxio?

We don’t know of any legal way that would allow you to get a free copy of Roxio.

Usually these websites are called "incentive-based" sites. If you read the terms of service on the website, you’ll notice that in order to receive the free software you need to complete several "free" offers (which usually require your credit card or banking information).

These are usually affiliate websites which are paid per new subscriber that they pass on to the advertisers. So, for each "free" offer you sign up for they make some money. Only after you have made the website owner a certain amount of money (usually double the cost of the free item) then you might receive the item advertised.

Don’t hold your breath: many of these incentive-based websites do not honor their end of the bargain.

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