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News Flash: New Environmentally Friendly Font Reduces Ink Consumption

Are you someone who composes documents and prints a lot? Are you concerned about your ink consumption? Well, worry no longer – I’ve found a font for you that takes care of this! It is called the Ecofont, and works for both Mac and PC.

Recently developed by SPRANQ, this font was created with the hopes to increase environmental awareness; the font is said to use 20% less ink. Now if we can just use 20% less paper… we’d be set!

The font has an interesting look to it – almost giving the impression of bling.

Hey, you can print bling?!?

This font omits part of the letter, effectively reducing the amount of ink on the page. Best of all, Ecofont is freeware and they accept donations. This font works best when you use OpenOffice, AppleWorks or Microsoft Word 2007 with a laser printer.

Are you ready to download Ecofont yet? What about other printer-friendly fonts, do you know of any? Do you know of any more fonts that look bling-ish? Feel free to share!

DOS Fonts

Yes, you can easily change your command line font – so long as you’re running in a full screen session. I used to do this all the time (when DOS ruled the Earth). I’m not talking about changing the font in Windows, mind you – anybody can do that. Here’s a set of “.COM” files I collected back in the day, including a free DOS font editor from PC Magazine. They’re completely safe to use.

  1. Download these DOS fonts and extract them somewhere
  2. Open a command line window [run CMD.EXE]
  3. “CD” to the directory where you extracted the fonts
  4. Key in “MODE CON: LINES=23” [without quotes, tap ENTER]
  5. Tap ALT+ENTER to go full screen
  6. Key in “DIR” [without quotes, tap ENTER]
  7. Key in “F#” [without quotes, “#” can be 1 through 44]

If these instructions make no sense to you, then you probably wouldn’t find this bit of digital nostalgia all that much fun anyway. I’ve been a font freak forever.

It’s totally geeky – but I’m not going to explain the reason or rhyme behind why I believe it’s still fun to do. The settings aren’t sticky, so everything goes back to normal when you EXIT the session. I created “F4,” by the way (very Beavis & Buttheadish). If you wanna create your own, I’ve included FONTEDIT.COM. Pimp it, yo!