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Windows 7 – Better for Gamers?

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During a live call session the other night, people were on the phone to gab about Windows 7. We talked about everything from security to aesthetics. This particular caller, Sonu, is a member of our live community on a regular basis. He is a gamer, and had something interesting to note in favor of Windows 7 that I hadn’t yet heard. I’m wondering if you are experiencing this, as well.

Sonu has been using Windows Vista for awhile now, and has only recently upgraded to Windows 7. He has the exact same hardware setup, and all of the same software installed now as he did with Vista. However, he’s noticed one very large – and very welcome – change: he is getting 10-15 frames-per-second (FPS) more than he did back when he used Vista.

FPS – or Frames Per Second – describes the rate at which your graphics card produces images on the screen. A real-time frame describes the amount of time it takes for your machine to complete the full round of processing tasks. Each type of application (or game!) requires a different level of FPS in order to work properly. It’s up to the designers and developers to decide what that is, and design the software around this in order to maximize performance for all types of computers. However, your graphics card has a LOT to do with it, as well. A low-quality or lesser “version” will cause your game or software to lag out, while a better one will give you the best experience.

Is this something you other gamers out there are noticing as well? I imagine that this absolutely is a very good upgrade for you if you are. Let’s hear from you gaming Geeks… are you getting more FPS now on Windows 7 than you did on other operating systems?

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