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How Many Followers Do You Have?

For many of you, the entire point of having an online presence is to be seen. Getting as much exposure as you can is the name of the game, but at what price? Too often, I see people focusing so much energy on their number of likes and followers that they seem to have forgotten why the heck they wanted or needed exposure to begin with.

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These days, you can practically buy followers. There are so many of you out there rabid about counting your community members and seeing how well the numbers tally up. The higher that bottom line is, the happier and more important you feel. When was the last time you stopped to actually interact in any meaningful way with that community, though? Talking with them involves far more than throwing links their way or saying thank you for the #FF or reTweets. Interaction and engagement levels count for much more than a bunch of stupid numbers.

Behind the person or company on the Twitter profile and Facebook page, there needs to be something worth getting involved with. You need to have a kickass product or service – period. Working your tail off to build some mythical “perfect” Facebook Page doesn’t mean squat if what your company stands for is crap. Your social profiles aren’t what make you great… YOU are. Why then does it matter how many people like or follow you?

People who truly enjoy who you are and what you do will follow you, yes. But I guarantee there are a LOT of people out there who simply follow anyone they feel is “important.” This pads the numbers you’re so proud of in a way. The bottom line isn’t a true account of people that care about what you’re doing and saying. I know that it’s impossible to weed through them and tell the difference. I wish I had an answer as to how to figure that part out.

The bottom line is that you have to stop worrying so damn much about how many likes, follows and community members you have. Focus your attention on building a great product or service and THEN go out and engage those people you want to market to. Talk to them. Interact with them. Treat them like people – and not like numbers.

Is Social Media Driving You Crazy?

There is a lot of noise on the Internet. We are inundated with photos, videos, music and words to the point we have to start filtering some of it out or go insane. I’m starting to wonder, though, if we are driving ourselves crazy in the process. Are we going deaf and blind? How much good content are we missing out on when we tune out and turn off? It’s obviously not feasible to read/hear/watch everything out there. The key is going to have to be to balance what we’re consuming online – filtering out the noise while taking in the important stuff. How the hell do we pull that off?

Decide what’s really important to you. What is it you want to get out of social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook? Take the time to decide which types of things you feel add value to your day and which just provide background noise. Make a point of weeding through your lists and get rid of anyone who just seems to be there for the heck of it.

You may feel important when you follow a lot of people, but what good is that really doing you? Are you learning anything? Have you gained any type of knowledge, insight or satisfaction from each of these users? Do they at least make you laugh once in a while? Why do you keep following those whom do nothing more than annoy you when you see their constant drivel wind its way through your timelines?

Filtering out noise will keep you a whole lot more sane, I promise. I’m not saying you can’t have fun and follow people who make you laugh. Watch videos that are comedic in nature only. Listen to your favorite tunes or the newest smash hit from that unknown artist. You don’t have to completely cut yourself off from the “unimportant” things and people… you just need to find a better way to balance that with the things and persons who will add true value to your day and your life.

What Makes You Important?

Too often these days, I see someone babbling inanely about the number of followers they have. I was recently trapped in a social gathering next to a person who gushed on about how a Tweet of his hand been retweeted “thirty times! Can you believe it?” He went on to tell me all about how I needed to put myself out there and do something different, such as live streaming events the way he does. I had a good chuckle to myself and held my tongue. I loved his enthusiasm, but I knew how wrong he was about being important due to the number of followers he had.

I took a look at this young man’s Twitter stream. It was filled with updates and check-ins. There was not a single message sent out where he engaged someone. He didn’t talk with people – he yapped at them. How is this communicating? How does this make him even remotely “important” – other than in his own eyes?

People. Importance and influence aren’t won by the number of people who click those follow buttons. They are granted to you when people begin to truly care what it is you have to say and learn something from it. That is what you should be striving for.

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Twitter Fixes Bug by Clearing out Your Followers

Many of you likely had panic attacks early this morning when you logged into Twitter to catch up on status messages. Your follower and following numbers were probably reset to a big, fat zero. Did you have a panic attack and start to feel lightheaded? Don’t worry… you weren’t suddenly unpopular and unloved. This was just another Twitter bug – albeit a very strange one.

In order to kill a bug that allowed a user to force others to follow them, Twitter temporarily reset all of the counts to nothing. According to the status blog, “cleanup of the spurious followings generated a result of this bug” was completed by mid-afternoon. “If you are still seeing folks you are following who you didn’t choose to follow, please use the block or unfollow tools to remedy.”

According to the original story on Gizmodo this morning, the hole let users grab new followers without having to ask their permission. Thousands of people flocked to the web interface to get famous people on their “Followers” list. All one had to do was tweeted “accept username” and wait a few moments. The user – even those who have Verified Accounts – would appear in your list of fans automagically.

The bug was accidentally discovered by a Turkish user, who is a fan of a band named Accept. He wanted the World to know how great he thinks their music is, so he sent out a simple tweet: Accept pwnz. A few moments later, he received notification that the user with the Twitter handle of pwnz was suddenly following. The Turk tested this with other user names, and then wrote a blog post to describe his findings.

If you were someone who took part in the force-accept frenzy today, you’ll probably be disappointed to see that your list of followers has been returned to its normal state. Is it really cool to have someone follow you unwillingly? Did you take part in the Twitter bug of the day by forcing random people to check out what you had to say in your stream?