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How to Fly on the iPad

I’m willing to bet that as a child many of you dreamed of becoming a pilot when you grew up. Even though most of us didn’t end up going to flight school, we can still fly planes using our iPad, computer and desktop computers! The makers of X-Plane makes it simple for us. These mobile applications have a flight model that is about 95% as accurate as that of the desktop simulator. Heck, they are 95% as accurate as the simulator currently being used by companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. They also have many of the same weather, sky, and time conditions available.

The X-Plane Trainer app gives you a small free look into what you’ll get should you purchase the full version (for your mobile device or desktop). I’m extremely tempted to get this one for myself. Who wouldn’t love to fly a plane? I can already tell that I’ll be busy tilting my whole body as I try to fly in the direction I want to go and yelling out loud when it doesn’t work!

Have you tried this app out yet? What are your thoughts?