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Flash Video is Better With AMD and ATI

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There are a lot of people making and watching videos online these days. When I visited the AMD campus in Texas during the SXSW conference recently, Casey showed me how AMD is helping people all over the world enhance their Flash experience. Adobe Flash 10.1 is a collaborative effort between Adobe and the team at AMD.

This new version of Flash takes advantage of the benefits that are enabled through AMD’s ATI Stream technology. This provides viewers with improved playback, reduced usage of their CPU, and longer battery life due to the comination of using all of the resources found in both their CPU and GPU.

The GPU is a much more efficient way of processing video than the CPU is. As we move more to a mobile lifestyle, your battery will wear down faster if you are processing video using your CPU. AMD wanted to make this much more efficient, and take advantage of different components of the computer or mobile system.

In addition to better battery life, the video footage will actually look better. With hardware acceleration enabled, videos are sharper and are much clearer. You’ll even see more vibrant colors. Even the whites are whiter using this technology.

You can experience this for yourself right now. Make sure you have the updated video driver from AMD installed. Then, of course, you’ll need to download and install the beta of Adobe Flash 10.1 to your system.

Thanks to the team at AMD for the help they provided to me to attend SXSW, and for all of the time they spent with me to discuss what’s new and exciting at AMD / ATI.

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Flash Player Problems in Mac OS X

If you’re having issues with Flash apps (like our live stream), this thread in Adobe’s forums may surface a solution for you.

According to my friend Gyula Feher at Ustream.tv: “We have a good reason to think that the problem is caused by a Leopard-specific bug of the latest r115 Mac version of Adobe Flash Player. The reason why it got triggered by the 10.5.2 update is because 10.5.2 also upgraded Flash Player. Forum posts indicate that downgrading to a recent (r47) version of Flash Player fixes the issue. Download the older version of Flash Player 9 from Adobe and install r47. Following the downgrade, you may check your Flash Version by right-clicking on any Flash widget and selecting ‘About Flash Player’ from the menu.”

Hope this helps ease any issues you’re having with the technology!

Media is Still in the Dark Ages

I’ve long believed that the future of media playback on the desktop (or mobile device) would ultimately pass through Flash. Why there hasn’t been a truly universal, codec-neutral media player released for any operating system is beyond me. Lockergnome reader Anthony Baker submitted the following, in respect to the future of the Windows Media Player:

From what I can gather, there are high playback error rates with WMP (around 10%) that aren’t found during Flash playback (drops to 1%). Doesn’t seam like the problem is with the Windows Media codec for video itself, but the player. Methinks that Silverlight will be the answer to this, as they get around a lot of the playback problems in inherent in the current versions of the WMP. You get the video quality (which is, frankly, very good for streaming video) and a good playback.

The problem, of course, is that Silverlight doesn’t yet have the kind of adoption rate you need to formally ditch WMP for WMV playback, so they’re either stuck with what they’ve got, or they go Flash. As I recall, with the new version of MSN Video, playback has gone ALL Flash for the time being — specifically because of the great kind of playback performance they’re getting with Flash Video.

I’m fully expecting there to be an iPhone firmware update in the next few months that will include a Flash player with it. In related news, I just had the sucker “black screen” on me while I was trying to set up voicemail. Had I not been streaming live, nobody else would have heard how it was bungling my custom greeting recordings. Media is still in the dark ages, my friends.

Flash Video Performance

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Gareth Charles writes:

I was wondering if you could shed some light on a problem that I have had with my new PC ever since I got it, the problem is when I try to view videos from YouTube and put them in full screen my FPS goes right down and the video starts jumping and skipping frames. It is impossible to watch it and this also happens when I try to play flash games and want to play them in full screen mode. The PCs at my school seem to cope with this fine and I know that my PC is more powerful than the ones that they use.

There are a lot of potential reasons why this is happening:

  • Your video drivers may be outdates
  • The flash video may not be optimized
  • You may have too many programs running
  • You may have too much eye candy enabled on your system

Mouseboyx in the chat room notes that this may be related to the screen resolution of the computers. At home you may have a much higher resolution than the monitors at school. Unlike video games for the PC, flash does not resize the display area when it is maximized, so flash has to pump out far more pixels in full screen mode.

What do you think? Do you have any advice for running flash video in a full screen?

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New Paris Hilton Sex Video

There, do I have your attention?

This post actually has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, but it does have to do with video (and that, in and of itself, is quite sexy).

It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that users (like myself) need a single Flash embed to share with our friends – not a ustream.tv or youtube.com or splashcast.com or… any other vendor-centric URL. I need an embed that I can host on my own site, control contents for, feed video (live or static), or any other Flash media through – permanently. Lest I run the risk of one vendor going out of business, or

My friends care about me going live – not that I’m using ustream. Fact of the matter is: I could likely switch to Stickam and few people would notice or care. Problem is: I can’t easily flip my live ustream embed to another vendor if I’ve only shared the embed that Ustream.tv gave me. What I need is a Flash “master” who understands what it is I’m trying to do – and who understands the idea of service brand neutrality.

This open nature can work to any vendor’s benefit – not against it. Drew speaks up, as a follow-up to his earlier Ustream problems:

I KNOW how challenging it is working at a startup, but when you love it, it’s just fun. I think these guys should have fun, because they’re onto something.

Oh, and Paris Hilton isn’t all that sexy…