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How to Prepare for Jailbreak with Firmware Umbrella

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Our resident jailbreak video expert Reza brings you tips and tricks to help you get the most use out of your jailbroken iOS device. This week, he wants to share information with you about The Firmware Umbrella.

Firmware Umbrella is an application which lets you do a ton of things, such as preventing the upgrade of your baseband. This lets you keep it on an unlockable baseband. You can downgrade back to a previous iOS version. If you’ve upgraded to the most recent version and don’t find the apps you need, you can use this application to roll back so that you can have all of the capabilities you wanted.

Once you download the Firmware Umbrella, you’ll need to plug in your iDevice. You’ll need to save the SHSH for your device. This is a file which is associated with your device that talks to Apple’s servers. With that SHSH, you can fool iTunes to continue restoring your iDevice to any iOS version that you have the SHSH for. Apple only allows you to restore to the firmware versions they ‘sign.’ This ‘signing’ only lasts for a limited time. Once they stop ‘signing’ the SHSHs for a firmware, there is no way to restore that firmware ever again, so saving your SHSH file allows you to always restore to previous iOS versions regardless of what the current version is.

Even if you don’t want to jailbreak right now, it’s still a good idea to save that SHSH file in case you change your mind later on. You can do this with Firmware Umbrella. You simply need to launch the program to see your device is connected already. Click the little button on the upper-right of the screen called “Save SHSH.” Once you have saved it once for your device, it will continue to go out and get that file for each new version.

An additional function of Firmware Umbrella is to help you when your device is stuck in recovery mode. Launch the application and choose the button at the top to help you enter, fix or exit that crazy recovery stage.

If you’re still on the fence about jailbreaking, go ahead and use this application to save your SHSH. Doing so will not jailbreak your device or harm it in any way. It simply saves a file for you in the event you do decide to perform this service to your iDevice.