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Tech Gift Ideas for Dads & Grads

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cobra. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m not the best driver in the world, but I’m also not the worst. I’m okay with calling myself an average driver with average needs.

I stick to the posted speed limit, I yield to pedestrians, and I stay within the lines (not just in driving, but in coloring books as well).

There are certain features I wish my car carried with it – not the least of which is a warning light that would illuminate whenever I was about to obey the law and incite a fellow driver’s road rage. They’re probably working on that in a lab indirectly somewhere right now (along with edible turn signals since drivers don’t seem to use them for anything else).

Heading out with the family? Heading back to school? Dads (and grads) could use better tools to further enhance our driving experiences, but we’re not necessarily the kind who will pull over and ask for directions. Sometimes, you have to gift us with technology before we will accept it into our lives.

I was sent an Escort Max 360 radar detector, and my immediate thought was: “I’ve never felt like I needed one before, so how will this tool actually help me as a driving dad?” Then I saw the “Posted Speed Limit Data” feature and got very excited. Yes, this device knows the posted speed limit in your location and will warn you (unlike your car) when you’re going over.

IMG 7031

I’ve wanted something like that for the longest time, and I can’t tell you (as someone who respects the law) how genuinely excited I was to see this. Yes, it’s a system with dual front & rear detection, arrow indicators to point out the source of a radar, GPS-powered for rejecting false alerts, and lightning-fast data detection – but all of that intelligence means nothing if you’re playing fast and loose with the rules.

Yes, I’m a stickler – but that’s what keeps me (and others) safe on the road.

I also like planning ahead, so my trunk has a tiny kit with all sorts of emergency accessories in it. As soon as I saw the Cobra JumPack – Tiny but Mighty, I knew it would be a permanent part of my prevention pack. With it, you can not just rapid-charge your favorite mobile devices, but actually jump start your car multiple times (on a single JumPack charge). And it has a little LED flashlight built-in!

Okay, the smallest things often get me the most excited. Does your portable battery pack have an LED flashlight built-in? Didn’t think so. Oh, and it also comes with jumper cables – without any worry about needing another vehicle to help you start moving again.

IMG 7025

You don’t need to wait for a specific occasion to gift a dad or grad the right tech tools – they may not know that these experiences exist, so why wait another day to enable them to become a better-prepared driver?

I wouldn’t recommend waiting too much longer – because they probably needed these tech tools last week at some point.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is just a few days away. This year I’m more grateful than ever to have my Dad. He is recuperating nicely after his horrible car accident recently. Have you bought a gift yet for your Dad or even your Grandpa? I put together this list of top gift ideas for Dad, with the help from my chat room. Some of these may require you to pool resources with siblings or other family members. But from my perspective, they’re all worth the cost and should make Dad quite happy come Sunday.

  • Automatic Professional Baseball Electronic Scoreboard – Whew. Try saying that quickly a few times. It’s a little desktop piece of hardware that pulls in all of the latest baseball stats and scores. It doesn’t require a subscription fee, and it works wirelessly! Since my Dad is really in to baseball, this is something he’d love. He wouldn’t have to go flipping channels to find all the latest scores.
  • The Chumby – Yes, this is kind of geeky, but it appeals to non-Geeks, as well. It can pull in the weather, the latest scores, and even news. It’s a very interactive little gadget. It’s well suited to people who don’t want to have to do much work to get all of these with ease.
  • Bose QC3 Noise Reduction Headphones – I’ve had mine for awhile now, and I love them. They weren’t even on my radar until Ponzi got herself a set. I tried them, and couldn’t believe how comfortable they are. I cannot travel without them. Even if I am not listening to something, I turn them on to shut out the random noise and chatter on an airplane. It really works.
  • The Flip – Whether you get the Flip video camera, or something like it… get something that’s easy to use. This little device is just amazing. Just turn it on, push a button, and record. How much easier can it get? The quality is pretty good. In fact, for the price and size of this… the quality is pretty darn good.
  • Tix Clocks – I have sold so many of these, just by running them in my live stream. You don’t even have to get six of them. Even having one would be great! They’re so much fun, and a great conversation starter.

Whether your Dad is a Geek or not, he’d love any of these gifts. The point is, make sure you don’t get him anything so complicated that it sits in the box on the shelf until your mom gets tired of looking at it.

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