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Every Event Needs WeirdoCulture Art

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While strolling around Seattle tonight for Fashion’s Night Out, we came across some weird art – @weirdoculture art, to be specific. This stuff is seriously cool, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it home without anyone noticing.

I think it would look great near the front door. He could greet guests as they walk in! What do you think?

Which Brown Shoes Should I Wear Tonight?

Which Brown Shoes Should I Wear Tonight

This weekend is one of the biggest in the fashion industry. Cities all over the country will be celebrating with Fashion’s Night Out events, including Seattle. Yours truly has been asked to be a VIP red carpet walker – arm candy, if you will. There are numerous activities going on tonight in any number of locations during the Seattle Fall Fashion celebration.

You’ll find parties, prizes, games, discounts, entertainment and some of the best food you’ll eat anywhere if you come and hang out with us tonight. I’ll be dressed to the nines. Well, I’ll be dressed, at least. Hopefully I choose the right shoes to go with my outfit. I’m told that shoes make the outfit. Why does coordinating everything have to be so difficult?