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What is the Meaning of Life?

If ever there was a loaded question, the title of this post would be it. Many have argued over the supposed meaning of life. Most geeks will scream their answer at you. I hate to tell you guys… the answer is not 42. I know, I know… but honestly – it’s just not. The meaning of life isn’t about how much money you earn, how successful you are nor how many followers you amass. Your life isn’t measured by how many people look up to you or even what you leave behind when you’re gone. The meaning of life is much simpler than that.

Let me repeat the caption in this photo: Blood may be thicker than water, but it sure doesn’t go down as easy. There you go. The meaning of life is family. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. No one cares how many connections you made on Twitter or how many Likes you received on Facebook. Your family – the people you go home to, the people who take care of you. THEY are what it’s all about.

Oh, believe me… I know all too well that that “blood” can be difficult to swallow. Families are complex. They have their differences, their fights and idiosyncrasies and their drama. You’ll find people pushing and pulling at each other, making outlandish demands on our brains, morals and demands. I’m pretty sure every family is dysfunctional in some way. However, when you look at it with fresh eyes, you’ll realize that your family is the cornerstone of who and what you are.

The way you were raised helps shape you into the person you are now. Even if you come from a very difficult childhood, those experiences still made you what you are. These people we are given by way of birth are the ones who stick with us through life’s difficulties. They’re on our side – most of the time. Yes, there are always going to be exceptions. I know and understand that there are many of you out there who will argue with me because your family may have its issues or not be a part of your life for some reason. Even so… I’m willing to bet you’ve now created a family of your own, or plan to someday. Will that significant other and those children not be the sum total of your life when your head hits the pillow at night?

Family doesn’t simply mean parents, siblings or grandparents. This word encompasses so much more: the person you choose to marry, the children you have, various aunts, uncles and cousins and even that special family friend who is more like family than people you are related to by blood. These people who make up the fabric of your life can be difficult to swallow sometimes, but that blood is definitely thicker than any water you’ll find.

Road Trip: Family Vacation

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This past weekend, my parents kidnapped me, and forced me to go on a short weekend vacation with them! I was forced at gun point! Well, maybe not gun point, but you get the drift. We bundled our things into the car, and set off to visit the Spruce Goose, which is the largest wooden airplane in the World.

Why did we do this? My parents thought it would be fun! And, of course, I don’t get to spend my time with my parents now that I live in Seattle. They really are awesome people, and I love them a bunch. But come ON! Family road trip?

Next time, just shoot me, ok?

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Mother’s Day iPod

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I was fortunate to have my mom with me during Mother’s Day this year. I gave her an iPod, which is kind of funny. Up until now, she’s never wanted one. She had no idea how they worked, nor if she’d ever use the thing. She took it into an Apple store with her, and explained she had no clue what to do. They talked in circles around her about syncing and such. She walked out more confused than when they started.

Mom is a trooper though! She says that when she gets home, she will sync the iPod, since she has to choose between “sync or swim”. Yes – I get my sense of humor from her. She loves technology, of course. She still has the first transistor radio her father bought her several years ago – and it still works!

The iPod I bought for her was personalized, and even has her email address engraved on the back. During the video, I taught her to open the browser and search for something using the touch screen. I explained to her about Apps, and I have a feeling once she dives into looking at them she’ll go crazy! There are just so many cool things she can do using her iPod.

Did she roll her eyes when I told her she could subscribe to my podcast?!?! Seriously?!?!

Just kidding, Mom. You know I love you, and think you’re the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Christmas with the Pirillo Family (by Phone)

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Ponzi and I couldn’t travel to Iowa this year to be with my family on Christmas. Instead, we did a conference call on Christmas Eve with the gang, and recorded it for everyone to share with us.

You can see Ponzi and I, of course. On the phone, you can hear my Mom and Dad, and my brother Adam. Apparently, Adam is partaking in Mom’s Merlot wine, and she got after him about it. Growing up with these people was fun, to say the least.

The first thing they opened is a box of gizmos, gadgets and toys that I sent. Inside of it, they found two Annoy-A-Tron’s, two Spy Remote Controls, and two of the 8-Bit Ties. Dad was happy to receive these, and is so far refusing to give one of each to my brother. Adam is demanding his own set of gizmos!

Next up, Dad opened the package addressed to him that came from Amazon. He was tickled to discover that he got the helmet-cam he’s been wanting. It’s a camcorder that is specifically designed to mount to a helmet, motorcycle, car, etc. He’s been wanting one of these for awhile now, so he finally has one!

Lastly, Ponzi and I told them to open the canvas package. Ponzi is very excited about seeing their reaction. However, first we had to wait for Dad to get back from wandering about the house, and hear Mom yelling at Adam to behave himself. Finally, they opened the package, and you can hear Mom yell out “Oh my God this is AWESOME!”. We took a wonderful picture of Mom and Dad that was taken at our wedding, and had it printed onto canvas, to make it look like a painting. Also, the person who made this for us put actual brushstrokes onto the canvas by hand, to make it look even more like a painting. It turned out beautifully, and Mom and Dad love it.

Of course, Ponzi still needs to get the wedding album (and the 8×10) to Mom. She’s working on it, I promise!

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Thankful for Thanksgiving, Thanks!

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Whether you celebrate the actual “Thanksgiving” holiday or not where you live, we all have things we are thankful for. I’d like to share with you the top 5 things I am grateful for.

  • My family. This includes my immediate, and my extended family. Ponzi, of course, is number one on my list. I love my dogs, Pixie and Wicket, as well. Yes… my dogs are my family. I’m their adopted Daddy!
  • All of you! I’m thankful for all of you… the viewers, the subscribers, the sponsors. All of you allow me to do what I love to do.
  • My lifestyle/job/career I’m definitely thankful that I get to do something I love every day. Helping people, creating content… those are things I love, and am grateful to be able to do on a daily basis.
  • My Internet connection Yes, I might complain about it at times. But, I am very thankful to be able to have a connection at all. I can’t imagine my life without it. I know there are people out there who cannot afford the Internet, or a computer. I know there are places in the world that don’t even have the possibility of the Internet. It makes me take mine less for granted.
  • Peet’s Coffee Not just any coffee… Peet’s Coffee. I live on this stuff. Do do you you think think I I drink drink too too much much caffeine caffeine??

What are you thankful for? Take the time to think about that, and to let people know you are thankful for them, and appreciate them.

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