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HD Web Camera Wants to be Yours

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While covering the CES conference for us recently, Traci was astounded by the new Facevision TouchCam N1. It’s an HD video cam with an embedded H.264 codec chip, and dual microphones! This allows for crystal-clear HD video and superior audio at the same time. This little gadget is the first Skype certified video camera, and works perfectly for all of your video-conferencing needs.

The folks at Facevision believe they have developed the next generation in webcams with this TouchCam N1. It’s a natural extension to video camera users. It’s plug-and-play via USB, so it works on any operating system. This is not only the World’s first Skype certified webcam, it’s also the first HD webcam! It renders in true 720p!

Over the years, Skype has evolved into one of the premier ways to keep in touch with business contacts, family and friends. By using the Facevision TouchCam, Skype users can enjoy HD-quality video conferencing. The picture is so true-to-life that it will almost seem as though you can reach right through your screen and touch the other person!

The camera will be available in early March, 2010, and should have a retail price of around $119.00 USD.

Thanks to Creative for sending Traci the Vado 3 to use during CES!

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