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Does Klout Measure Your Influence?

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Klout CEO Joe Hernandez hosted an awesome party at the Klout Krib during SXSW this past weekend. We were able to catch up with him for a few moments to see what he’s been up to, the challenges he faces in leading a fast-growing social measurement company and how things have changed within the Klout ratings themselves.

Klout brands themselves as “the standard for online influence.” A Klout score doesn’t tell you who the “A-list” people are. It measures the influence of anyone – and everyone – on Twitter and Facebook. The service uses more than 35 different variables between the two social sites to measure your True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Score.

Your True Reach is the actual size of the audience you engage. It’s based on the people in your friends and followers who listen and react to what you’re saying. The Amplification Score tells you what the chances are that your thoughts will generate some type of action, such as a reTweet, @ message, Likes and comments. This is measured on a scale of 1 – 100. Your Network Score lets you know how influential your engaged audience is and is also scaled from 1 – 100. The total Klout score directly relates to clicks, comments and Tweets.

Joe indicated the company is hard at work on a new version of the website, which is due out in the near future. He is quick to point out that they are constantly updating site features and figuring out more ways to connect influencers with brands.

Just a few weeks ago, a new measuring algorithm was introduced into the mix. The company felt that they were starting to see what they called inflated scores, mainly amongst people who are using Twitter as though it is a chat room. That type of back and forth conversation definitely isn’t an indicator of strong influence. Therefore, the company changed the way different things are weighted in order to attempt to come up with a more accurate score.

The problem with Klout is that it isn’t always accurate. During the interview, Joe mentioned that they are determining your score based on “meaningful conversation” instead of chit-chat. I’m not quite sure how the heck an algorithm can determine what is actually meaningful. He even throws out the whole “if Ashton Kutcher reTweets you, that’s pretty important.” But WHY is that important?

There have been stories about people who have been turned down for speaking gigs and jobs due to not having a high enough Klout score. As much as I like the company and its service, I feel that it is absolutely ludicrous to base someone’s viability as a presenter or employee based on their so-called influence score. As Kelly plainly pointed out in her article a few weeks ago, the scores are often dreadfully inaccurate. However, those inaccuracies aren’t apparent to anyone other than the person they belong to.

Klout is on to something good, there’s no doubt about it. It will be interesting to see where the company heads in the future as they figure out more ways to make their scores foolproof and measure the true indicators of influence.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that a Klout score is something to covet and throw around? Or is it a novelty that will quickly wear off as some other method of bragging rights comes to town?

Do You Know the Secret Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts?

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Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla shares some fancy Facebook shortcuts for power users. Learn how to navigate all the major functions on the Facebook homepage in any browser straight from your keyboard.

Every operating system and browser combination will have a different identifier. Following are the ones you will need, depending on your configuration:

Combine your identifier with the following keys to perform the shortcuts:

  • Identifier + ? moves your curser to the search box
  • Identifier + m launches a compose new message window
  • Identifier + 1 takes you to your home page
  • Identifier + 2 launches your profile page
  • Identifier + 3 opens your friend requests
  • Identifier + 4 opens your messages menu
  • Identifier + 5 opens your notifications menu

Using the identifier plus the numbers 6 – 0 work as well, but Veronica wants to leave something for you to discover!

I’m glad she took the time to create this tutorial. I honestly didn’t even know these particular shortcuts myself. For those who spend a lot of time on Facebook, knowing these quick maneuvers can SAVE you a lot of time. Thanks, Veronica and the Tekzilla team!

New Facebook Page Changes

Facebook rolled out several new changes to their Pages today – and I’m quite happy with most of them. One of the coolest new features is the ability to browse Facebook as your Page instead of yourself. For instance, I can check out the Page for Peet’s Coffee and leave a comment from the ChrisPirillo Page, instead of from Chris Pirillo the man. This creates opportunities for companies and celebrities to endorse – or critique – each other. Status updates from each of the Pages your Page visits will now show up in your News Feed – yes, Pages get News Feeds now, as well!

Whenever you are logged into your Page, the notifications window will show you each time people leave a comment. The old friend requests button will tell you how many Likes you’ve received since the last time you had signed in. And Page admins can now receive updates via email whenever people interact on the Page in any capacity.

We are introducing new opportunities for Pages to share. We recently launched a new Profile design, to give users more ways to tell their stories with people they care about. Now, Pages will benefit from many of the same enhancements. Starting today, you can feature photos of your Page’s most recent experiences at the top of your Page. You can highlight other Pages you are connected with as well as the people who are managing your Page.

Facebook is excited about the new opportunities they have created for Pages and their fans. The “Everyone” filter on the Wall will give a way for everyone to see the most interesting posts first. There’s a place for you to discover the friends and interests that you may have in common with a Page, as well.

The company feels that these changes will bring a lot more “humanity” to Pages and allow for a significantly higher amount of interaction between you and your followers. Do you agree?

Are Your Parents on Facebook?

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My Mom finally decided to create a Facebook account for herself. She plans to only use it to keep in touch with family and close friends, so she was worried about choosing the correct privacy settings. This is something that many of our parents are facing. They want to have Facebook so they can keep track of us, but they don’t want the world to see their information. Do you know how to guide them through setting everything up in a way they are comfortable with?

Obviously, we added all of the normal information to begin with, such as name and location. We learned that Facebook doesn’t “check” passwords against each other when setting up an account to make sure they are correct. We had to take a picture for her profile, and she decided to grab a picture with Wicket and Pixie – her grandpups!

When it asked her to find connections, that was simple. Mom is the last of our immediate family to give in and get a Facebook account. I helped her add my Dad, my brothers and myself.

Have you ever helped a parent (or grandparent) set up an account on Facebook – or another social media site? Did you find it challenging to make sure that they felt comfortable with the privacy settings?

Was Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page Hacked or Not?

Yesterday morning, the blogosphere was abuzz with news of the “hacking” of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page. Experts and amateurs alike argued over whether anything was actually hacked into – and who could have done it. Reading the stories all day long proved entertaining… the conspiracy theories never fail to amuse me. According to Facebook, though, nothing was taken over or hacked at all. Instead, a simple bug was to blame. “A bug enabled status postings by unauthorised people on a handful of pages, The bug has been fixed,” an official statement read. “It was a handful of public Facebook pages and no personal user accounts were affected,” it added.

The Guardian still feels it has solved the entire case – mostly. They point to “evidence” gathered from the bit.ly link used in the mysterious posting and a Wikipedia edit. They tracked the IP address of the Wiki editor to the US Department of Defense in Williamsburg. Of course, there’s absolutely no proof that this is the same IP of the person who “hacked” the Facebook page, if such a thing had actually happened.

I’m not sure honestly which story to believe. On the one hand, The Guardian’s story sounds very plausible. Facebook claims that nothing happened beyond a strange glitch. It strikes me as odd that someone happened to figure out that this bug existed in a small number of pages and took advantage of it to talk about the Hacker Cup.

Whichever scenario holds true, Mark is likely walking about with some red in his cheeks this morning.

Do You Facebook From the Bathroom?

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A survey that was posted in the Consumerist stated that 27% of Facebook users update their status in the bathroom. What’s even weirder is the breakdown: women are 54% more likely than men to spend time on Facebook while, ahem… doing their business.

Lamarr thinks this can potentially be pretty disgusting, although he wonders if the iPhone would have an “app for that.” When you think about it, it really is pretty gross. Do you wash your hands BEFORE touching that screen – even while still sitting on the pot? Of course you don’t. Do you take some Lysol wipes to the screen AFTER you are finished? Likely – not.

I’m willing to bet most people have never thought of this before. We’ve done articles in the past about germs spreading in the home – and home office. The bathroom is pretty germy. Do you seriously want your phone in that room where “those” germs are flying around?

Are you one of the guilty parties?

Facebook Launches Live Commenting

When Facebook absorbed Friendfeed, no one was certain what would become of the site that was loved so fiercely by so many. Since the two sites became one, we have seen a few Friendfeed-like integrations on the social networking giant. Just yesterday, Zuck and his team quietly launched a live-commenting feature which takes us back to the days of Friendfeed’s heydey.

It’s also important to note that page owners will now see Post Insights immediately, instead of having to wait several hours (or even days!) for that information to become available. I love how the little updates such as these show up magically – with no fanfare at all – to make my Facebook life even easier. Don’t you agree?

Don’t forget to stop by our software center to see what’s new today.

Will Facebook or Twitter Ever Die?

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A few weeks ago, someone asked me if I felt Twitter or Facebook would die out first. That’s impossible to answer at this point in time. Both services are going quite strong as of the recording of this video. It’s also not really fair to compare the two, since they are very different from each other.

Some Facebook fanatics hate Twitter… and many Twitter fiends despise Facebook. For that reason alone, I don’t think it’s right to compare the two and try to decide which one will “die” first. Hell, I don’t see either of them fading into oblivion anyway. The number of active users on each site is so astronomical that it boggles the mind to think that either could simply cease to exist.

Both sites work hard to improve upon their foundation and offer even more to their userbase. That is another excellent point in favor of both companies and the longevity of each.

If I had to point to one or the other, I’d have to go with Facebook losing out first. There could be too much backlash over things that the public doesn’t like. The more the site grows, the more negativity there is. Twitter keeps it simple… and sometimes simple is best.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel one site or the other is going to “die” out any time soon?

Why is Facebook Giving Out Your Phone Number?

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Today, Lamarr rants on Facebook because – according to him – they STILL don’t get it when it comes to privacy. Facebook is now letting third-party apps have phone numbers and addresses of users.

Even if it IS opt-in, a good percentage of Facebook users are (as Lamarr eloquently stated) “…on the 6th floor when there are only 5 flights.” People will click allow for anything to start an app quickly. Even if it is their responsibility to read the fine print, the majority of people don’t.

If Facebook knows that most of their users are not going to pay close enough attention before allowing an app to have access, then the company is seriously failing the public they supposedly are there to serve.

Should Facebook take some responsibility here to care for this segment of the population and not even make this option available to begin with?