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Are You Using the New Facebook Profiles?

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Matthew’s screencast this week takes a close look at the new Facebook profile design. Word on the street is that once you change, you cannot revert back to the old style. With that in mind, watch Matt’s video here to see if you think this is going to be something you’re going to enjoy.

Most of the changes take place at the top of the page. Your information is now found at the top of your profile page instead of off to the side. Below that you will see photos you have been tagged in. Just underneath those pictures you will now find a “Share Toolbar.” This allows you to quickly share a status message, video, photo or link without having to click elsewhere to get to the update box.

The profile information editor has received a few updates, as well. It’s much easier to navigate your way through and figure out which information you want to fill in – and who you want to share it with.

Some of you may enjoy the new photo album viewer that Facebook has given us. There is not update to the way actual single pictures are viewed… just with the way albums themselves are presented and viewed.

Off to the left side of your profile page (just under your avatar), you’ll see a new Friends Browser. There’s a little search bar within this browser, allowing you to find your friends faster. You can view all friends in either thumbnail or list view, which is actually pretty handy.

There aren’t a lot of changes, but they seem to be a nice improvement over previous versions. What do you think?