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DDoS Attacks Bring Down the U.S. Copyright Office

Anonymous initiated a DDoS attack against the U.S. Copyright Office yesterday in an attempt to show their disdain against the defenders of copyright law. The site was knocked completely offline for about thirty minutes. The following few hours showed it crawling along with slow loading times and rendering it useless. Even several hours after the attacks began, most links on the site would not work.

Anonymous spearheaded Operation Payback a few months ago. Their targets to date have included the RIAA, the MPAA and the UK Copyright Office. “Anonymous sees itself as the defenders of the Internet. Anonymous is rather a loose coalition of individuals who see the crackdowns against file-sharing, done in the name of copyright protection, as contrary to the very freedom of the Internet.”

Do you feel this is an intelligent way to protest against something you believe is wrong?

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Facebook Deals Gives You the Goods Before You Check In

New ways to sign in to all your favorite mobile apps wasn’t the only hot news out of Palo Alto today. Mark Zuckerberg’s smile was almost smug as he announced the new Facebook Deals service. Used in conjunction with Places, Deals will give businesses a way to interact with their customers more. Instead of check-ins being a one-way street, Deals will allow the places and spaces to offer something completely different to their target audience.

Facebook is launching Deals with 22 premium partners today. And they’re giving more than 20,000 smaller businesses on Facebook access to their new easy Deal creation tool. The Deals will be nationwide and locale-specific. You can check-in to a place sporting a Deal and immediately share it with your friends… allowing them to take advantage of the same specials.

The hottest part of all is that you don’t even HAVE to physically check in to get the goods. Deals will be able to push out to existing customers before they even get to the store, much like when you get coupons in your email box. These Deals are all about the social element, and you’ll be able to share your Deals easily.

Not only can you receive deals on goods and services, you will also find some very cool new ways to support some of your favorite charities. That, my friends, is the way social should be done. Facebook proved today that they are winning the mobile social war – Google has a LOT of catching up to do.