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How To Clear Chat History on Facebook

The answer is elementary, my dear Watson. You can’t clear your chat history any longer. People are seriously angry about this, and rightly so. What if I am in a public place and a business contact decides to talk with me about their newest project? I may want to quickly clear any history so that no one else can see what their brilliant plan is. I’m sure there are many other reasons you would want to clear out what you’ve said, such as in the case of snooping people in your household. Sadly, though, you can’t.

As you can see in the above screen capture, there is no longer an option to “Clear History.” Additionally, your prior conversations are showing up even after both parties log out and back in. Kat and I tested the theory. She sent the same message three times – each five minutes apart. In between each message send, she logged out of the site and closed the browser completely. Yet the next time she IMd me on Facebook… up popped all previous convo.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t like this at all. As I said before, this is a breach of my privacy in a way. What happened to giving us control over our information? It’s almost as though every step we take forward on this site, we leap another few back. I should be able to choose whether or not I want to save every bit of text I have exchanged with someone.

Think of it this way… what if someone gained access to your account or machine? Will they be able to then see every word written between you and your contacts? I attempted to test this. Sadly, not many people are on Facebook at this time of night – certainly no one I’ve chatted there with in the past. I’ll be curious to try tomorrow when people are browsing the site. I’ll be sure to update you then.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel we should be able to clear our chat history on Facebook if we wish to?

Trillian 5 for Instant Messaging

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Derrick is a fan of instant messaging applications, just as I’m sure most of you are. Each of us has our own preference when it comes to an all-in-one program. Some may love Adium while others swear that Pidgin is the only way to go. However, Derrick feels strongly that the newest version of Trillian will make you want to leave other IM clients behind.

Derrick admits that he was never a fan of Trillian 3 or Trillian Astra. He feels that #3 was lacking in nearly every way… and that Astra had the same shortcomings with an interface that was seriously overdone. He says it was too busy and over-crowded, and I have to agree.

The beta for Trillian 5 was recently released into the wild, and it has been seriously improved. The first thing you’ll notice is how quickly it starts up – and how much it looks as though it was made for Windows 7. That is likely because it was designed for the newest OS from the Microsoft campus. The interface was carefully designed to integrate with your operating system.

The client is more comprehensive, with more types of feeds – including Facebook events and Twitter searches. It’s flexible and will store feeds in your contact list or system tray. Instant updates to all of your services are just one click away, which is likely why Derrick feels this is the fastest IM client he’s ever used.

Links and pictures are expanded automatically so that you don’t ever have to open a web browser if you don’t want to. You can also view things such as “likes” directly within the client, as well as being able to read and write comments.

In past versions of this IM client, users had issues receiving files coming from friends using different clients, and not being able to video conference with people who weren’t also using Trillian. With this new version, that is no longer an issue. Derrick reports that he was easily able to video conference with a friend of his who was using Digsby.

Trillian can connect you to AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo, Google Chat, Facebook Chat, Jabber, Skype and more. It even has support for Foursquare and LinkedIn! There’s a comprehensive library of plugins, skins and skin packs. This lets you customize Trillian in whatever way suits you best.

Going by what Derrick has shown us, this Alpha release is definitely worth a try – and one to watch grow into full release. I have a feeling many of you will be making a switch (or upgrade) to this as soon as it’s available.

Thanks, Derrick, for a fantastic screencast.

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Facebook Group Chat with Clobby

There is one major feature that Facebook is missing: group chat. This feature is in high demand by the millions of people on the site every day. There hasn’t been a way for friends and family to chat together at once.

There are a few third-party applications that allow you to group chat, but none of them excelled when it comes to meeting the UI standards of Facebook, having powerful moderation capabilities for chat administrators and smooth integration with Pages and Profiles. None of these were seen in a group chat app until Clobby came along.

I’ve already added this app to my Fan page, and the conversation is flowing. It’s simple to use and manage. There are a few text options such as bold and indent… and let’s not forget that we have smilies to use, as well. I know a lot of you are serious smilie fans.

If chatters misbehave, you can warn them, kick them out, or ban them with one click. All page admins and profile owners become administrators in the chat room. You can even add extra moderators when needed.

Clobby is not only a great conversation tool – it’s also absolutely free! It doesn’t get much better than that.