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Can a Facebook App Help You Get into College?

When you hear the phrase there’s an app for that, you’ve traditionally thought immediately of the iPhone – or another smartphone, perhaps. Starting today, you may just think of Facebook first, instead. We already know there are about a kajillion apps on the popular social networking site. You can play games, grab your horoscope and lose weight with many of them. Thanks to startup Splash Networks, though, you just might be able to get into college by using a Facebook app.

AdmissionSplash can help find the colleges that you should be applying to. This is done by applying algorithms to information you provide and spitting out a list of schools most likely to accept you. The app will ask for information such as your test scores, address, sports involvement and even your volunteer activities. The app will then calculate the chances of your being accepted to particular institutions with ratings from “very poor” to “very good.”

In a test run with 73 students who applied to UCLA, AdmissionSplash accurately predicted acceptance at a rate of 85%. The study shows that the app can definitely work in your favor, but it obviously isn’t perfect. It can absolutely help take away a little of the stress you feel when trying to figure out which schools you’re supposed to be filling out all those papers for.

Why is Facebook Giving Out Your Phone Number?

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Today, Lamarr rants on Facebook because – according to him – they STILL don’t get it when it comes to privacy. Facebook is now letting third-party apps have phone numbers and addresses of users.

Even if it IS opt-in, a good percentage of Facebook users are (as Lamarr eloquently stated) “…on the 6th floor when there are only 5 flights.” People will click allow for anything to start an app quickly. Even if it is their responsibility to read the fine print, the majority of people don’t.

If Facebook knows that most of their users are not going to pay close enough attention before allowing an app to have access, then the company is seriously failing the public they supposedly are there to serve.

Should Facebook take some responsibility here to care for this segment of the population and not even make this option available to begin with?

Facebook App for Communities with Game Mechanics

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Hopefully you are already a member of our Facebook community. There’s not a doubt in my mind that it is a community within a community. People are interacting like crazy. There are good things being shared and discussed, but I’m wanting to take that a step further, as I talked about in a previous blog post.

I’m looking to work with an app developer to come up with something unique for Facebook. I feel we need an app for our community – and others – which will allow us to have a zeitgeist app that lets us see the latest things being done by YOU in our community.

I want to know the top commenters and posters. I want to know who is the most prolific. The app has to be a free one. I know I need a tool like this. I know what it should look like, how it would work and what should go into it. However, I cannot pay a bajillion dollars to have it developed. I wanted to throw this out to the community and crowdsource an answer.

Think about using this in YOUR community. Have this zeitgeist as your main page, instead of your Wall. It’s something that would surface the intelligence of the community and introduce game mechanics. It would allow you – or anyone – at first glance to see who is active on any given page. It would be nice to have this information. Surfacing those types of statistics would be pretty awesome in my mind.

What say you? Are you a developer who can help?

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Facebook Serves Up Unwanted Apps

Amidst a slew of heated arguments this week surrounding Facebook’s stance on privacy, yet another blemish has been added to the mix. Many people woke up this morning to find that the popular site had decided to serve up unwanted apps without any consent or control on the part of the user.

This morning, Facebook quietly added apps to your profile for certain websites you may have visited while logged in to FB. You didn’t need to have an actual Facebook window open… you simply had to have not logged out after your session. There were no notifications nor any opt-out buttons to check or uncheck. Some of the sites whose apps were added include Mashable!, TechCrunch, and the USA Today (at least in MY profile). All of the sites who left this trail all have Facebook integration on their sites, and the app install appeared to have been related to the social networking site’s new sharing features and tools.

If a website installs something onto my computer without my knowledge or consent, that “something” is labeled as malware. In my mind, these apps were exactly that. They weren’t something I chose. They were installed on my profile without my even knowing it until this news broke. There was no way that I could easily find to remove them, either. Only after I read up on the announcement did I figure out how to get rid of them. The problem is, if I don’t completely block them they will just re-install the next time I visit those sites.

The new “features” in Facebook’s Open Graph API are supposedly there to be used with your permission to cross-post your comments between the site and external sources. For example, if you commented on a story over at TechCrunch, a pop-up will ask you if you want to publish the comment as a wall story on your Facebook profile, as well. YOU had the choice to allow this or not. This morning, that freedom to choose was stripped away from you.

Hours after the dam broke free, Facebook released a statement:

There was a bug that was showing applications on a user’s Application Settings page that the user hadn’t authorized. No information was shared with those applications, and the applications did not appear to anyone but the user. This bug has been fixed.

According to some reports, though, the problem still persists. While information may not be shared with the sites, their apps are still showing up in profiles after removal. The only way to completely get rid of them is to block them in your app settings.

This is but one more slap in the face for Facebook. However, the site appears to remain unconcerned. With the government already stepping in to attempt to reign in Zuckerberg and his team, I would think that the site would be more vigilant than ever when it comes to letting “bugs” such as this crawl through.

Facebook Group Chat with Clobby

There is one major feature that Facebook is missing: group chat. This feature is in high demand by the millions of people on the site every day. There hasn’t been a way for friends and family to chat together at once.

There are a few third-party applications that allow you to group chat, but none of them excelled when it comes to meeting the UI standards of Facebook, having powerful moderation capabilities for chat administrators and smooth integration with Pages and Profiles. None of these were seen in a group chat app until Clobby came along.

I’ve already added this app to my Fan page, and the conversation is flowing. It’s simple to use and manage. There are a few text options such as bold and indent… and let’s not forget that we have smilies to use, as well. I know a lot of you are serious smilie fans.

If chatters misbehave, you can warn them, kick them out, or ban them with one click. All page admins and profile owners become administrators in the chat room. You can even add extra moderators when needed.

Clobby is not only a great conversation tool – it’s also absolutely free! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Log In to Facebook With Style

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Not long ago, I uploaded a video where I talked briefly about the new Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook. I REALLY like this application, so I was happy that Marques wanted to do an in-depth look at this in a new screencast. This Silverlight beta really is breathtaking, and makes Facebook visually compelling. It makes me actually want to USE Facebook more often!

The interface is just plain beautiful. The actual website doesn’t look like this with the glowing buttons down the side, and the gorgeous category filters. It looks way better than the actual Facebook experience.

At the top there are more category filters, such as to allow you to filter by people. This is what really separates this application from the rest. You can really interface nicely with your Facebook without getting distracted. Yet, you will get all of the data you will ever need.

If you notice in the video, this application is very quick and loads perfectly. It also makes heavy use of all of your Facebook photos… yours and your friends’. It’s integrated with your photo albums, which is nice!

Microsoft has also enabled this client to integrate with your Facebook calendar. Lastly, you have the ability to comment and Like posts from within the application, just like you could if you were on the website itself.

Thanks, Marques for another excellent screencast! If you’re interested in submitting a screecast for our channels, shoot me an email. We’re always looking from fresh new content to promote that deals with technology or social media.

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Facebook App Fun

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When I announced our new fUNICODE site a few weeks ago, you guys went ape! You were all over that, having a lot of fun transmogrifying your text into something fun. You took that text and pasted it on your Twitter accounts, your websites, and even into our chat room!

Now, the fun can continue on Facebook with our new fUNICODE Facebook App!! Thanks to David Nelson, you can use FunText on Facebook! By default, the App asks you what’s on your mind, just like your status does. The page will refresh after you type in your message and click the Go! button. Once it does, you’ll see a ton of different text available.

You have three options as to what you want to do with this text. You can post it to your own status. You can post it to a friend’s Wall! The last option is that you can also post it straight to Twitter with a click of a button. Oh! You can also choose to post your message to the FunText wall. That is absolutely optional, and up to you.

Go on! Install the App and have some fun! Post something to your own status using FunText, and then post something on your friend’s walls. Heck, go post something on MY wall with it!

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Facebook Desktop

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Are you addicted to Facebook? I’m willing to bet a large portion of our community are Facebook fans, and hopefully fans of my page! Heck, you may even be watching this video right from Facebook, instead of on YouTube. Whether you’re a casual user of the popular social networking site, or someone who spends all of their time there, there’s a new desktop application you may just be interested in.

I’ve tried several different methods of accessing the site. I’ve logged in directly from my browser. I’ve played around with TweetDeck. But this little number is by far the best Facebook application I’ve come across! It’s not made by Facebook, no. However, it’s just… REALLY good.

This Facebook application comes to you – for free! – from Microsoft, and runs with Silverlight. Silverlight is cross-platform. If you’re not using it yet, you’re going to want to… even if only to experience this! The Silverlight Client for Facebook is in Beta form right now, and is available for developer preview.

Enjoy the photos, feeds, events, friends’ walls, and inbox mail from your Facebook account in an appealing and user-friendly environment. It really is breathtaking, and makes Facebook visually compelling. It makes me actually want to USE Facebook more often!

I can do everything with this client that I can on the actual website. It’s an extremely visual experience. I just cannot put into words how gorgeous this application is. I have to hand it to the folks in Redmond. They absolutely got it right this time!

You can even change your view. Instead of a traditional long list, you can have a grid view, which makes it easier to sort through everything. I’ve tried this both on Windows and OS X, and I am happy with the way it runs on both operating systems.

Download it. Try it. You’re going to fall in love with it.

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Facebook Music Application

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I’m sure you’ve been to YouTube to listen to your favorite music. What if you just don’t want to go to YouTube? What options do you have then?! If you haven’t used Muziic yet, it’s time you check it out. Muziic lets you share songs, albums, radio stations or playlists with your friends. Oh, and guess what? Muziic now has a Facebook application, as well! Other Facebook music applications pretty well suck. Muziic, however, does not! It’s unobtrusive, and does what it is you want it to do.

It’s so easy to use, and of course it’s legal! It only takes a moment to install the app. It’s a great way for you to find out what’s out there, or listen to your old standby favorites. Type in an artist name, and listen to the selections that come up. If you like them, add them to your playlist. Once you’ve created your playlist, you can share it with others on Facebook!

Another cool feature is being able to add a Muziic tab to your Facebook profile. This will show off your favorite songs, artists and radio stations. It will even show what songs you’ve listened to recently! Additionally, you can not only publish songs you love to your own wall… you can also put them on your friends’ walls! Want to send a song to someone? It’s simple. There are “Share” and “Publish” buttons sprinkled throughout the app, making it easy for you to always find them when you need them.

I really REALLY like and recommend this app. Yes, they are helping out our community a bit, but that has nothing to do with my opinion here, folks. Muziic just plain WORKS. Even better… it’s fun to use!

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