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Does Internet Explorer Suck?

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We all must browse the web. Unfortunately, the Lynx browser is no longer cutting it. If you don’t remember it, then you are not old like I am. PC PitStop community member James asks if Internet Explorer is safe yet. He’s been waiting to use the newest version, because he’s heard that it has a lot of problems. What are your thoughts on this? Is IE solid, and safe?

The consensus in the chat room was that Internet Explorer is just not there yet. However, the answer is both yes and no. Every browser has its own set of issues. Every browser is as safe as every other web browser… and as safe as the user. There’s really no way to guage if it’s safe enough of not.

Every browser is going to have bugs, and security flaws. If you connect to the Internet, then you have security risks on your hands. If you’ve heard that people have had issues, then by all means, wait if you aren’t ready to upgrade. However, I’ve been using the newest version and haven’t had issues.

You could also use IEs Compatibility Mode, or choose a different browser. You can use any one that you wish, you know. Just because you have that little icon on your desktop doesn’t necessarily mean that you are required to use it. That’s the beauty of the Internet!

My recommendation is always to upgrade to the latest version of any browser. If you arent happy with it, then simply try something else!

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Microsoft Security Updates

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Software is constantly evolving and changing. That’s a good thing, honestly. There are always new and better features being added, along with important security updates in some cases. David from PC PitStop asked about Microsoft Updates. He’s wondering if they’re really necessary, since it takes him so long to download them on his DSL.

At least they released them, right? Even Apple has to have updates. Software needs to be updated because there are exploits out there. Developers don’t see those things until they’re out in the field and have been taken advantage of. Microsoft has found that it’s usually better to release a full chunk up updates all at once, instead of in smaller batches. There are even some vendors who don’t release any updates at all, so you should be glad that Microsoft does!

You do have an option that might help though, David. You can always turn off automatic updates in Windows, and download them manually once per week – or per day! Choose which updates you need, and when to download them. You can easily manage this by opening up Internet Explorer, and going to Tools at the top, and selecting Windows Updates.

If you’re having problems with a particular update, you can always roll it back. However, nine times out of ten it’s better to keep your Windows install up-to-date. You’ll be far more secure and have less stability issues for the most part. If you do choose to roll back, be sure to keep an eye out for bug fixes and stable releases so you can jump on the update train once again.

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