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Evolution is BS

Or so says Pat Boone in Poor Darwin’s False Religion:

Dr. Jonathan Wells states flatly, “I think in 50 years, Darwinian evolution will be gone from the science curriculum. People will look back on it and ask how anyone could, in their right mind, have believed this, because it’s so implausible when you look at the evidence.” But 50 years could be enough to destroy the faith of two generations of our young, enough to replace it with a bankrupt false religion. Will we have the courage, the gumption, to make sure that doesn’t happen?

I guess it’s Too Late to Turn Back Now. I Almost Lost My Mind the first time I read this article. Gee, But It’s Lonely when you believe that Darwin got it wrong. Guess all we need is a little Friendly Persuasion? Don’t Forbid Me to link to him, though. It’s Too Soon To Know whether he’s right or wrong. Ain’t That A Shame? I’ll Be Home if you need me.

Outlook Evolution

Evolution finally runs on Windows! Looks like they released something a few months ago, although it just hit my radar this afternoon (in an email from Matt Hartley). “Evolution is an incredibly versatile email / calendar / PIM that took the Linux world by storm a few years ago.” I’m excited that there’s been some movement forward on this project, but I’m disappointed that Evolution for Win32 sports a nasty-ass UI. Of course, if Linux developers are trying to be more like Microsoft by making inconsistent and aesthetically-challenged interfaces, they’re succeeding. Here’s to hoping that Outlook 2007 won’t suck as much.