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What Do You Use for Email – and Why?

My first experience with email was through the VMS MAIL application (in 1992). I graduated to ‘elm’ a few years later, then Eudora (briefly) before Internet Mail and News was released. Using Pegasus to help distribute emails independent of a listserv, I wound up sticking with MSIMN when it became Outlook Express. Then, it was on to Outlook 98 – and to Outlook 2000, until Outlook 2007 made a bearable upgrade (since Outlook XP and 2003 should be stricken from canon).

Now, I’m using an Exchange server in conjunction with Mail.app on OS X (with iCal and Address Book). The Internet mail client, itself, seems to be quite an upgrade from Outlook (in speed and in Internet-specific features).

I got dragged into a thread regarding the display of HTML in Eudora yesterday – an incompatibility I wrestled with for years and ultimately gave up on, much like Qualcomm has abandoned Eudora itself. I know it has a few diehard supporters, but… that’s not enough.

My statement was posted to a Eudora supporters list, and respondents were quick to defend their choice. No doubt, Eudora has tons of features – but it looks as though it was designed by a team of schizophrenic baboons. If you don’t care what your email client looks like, then I suppose Eudora is perfect?

What about you? What desktop email program (if any) are you using – and why?

Top 5 Reasons Eudora is Better than Apple Mail

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I personally use Microsoft Outlook 2007 in an Exchange environment for my email. I’ve used Eudora in the past, and wasn’t very happy with it. However, CalgaryGuru sent me the top 5 reasons he uses Eudora instead of the Apple Mail. By the way, he is also using Tiger (10.4) and not Leopard (10.5).

  • Images pasted into Apple Mail are automatically converted to .tif format. If I wanted them as a .tif, I would have saved them that way.
  • With Apple Mail, you can only send messages that are plain text or Rich Text Format. You can’t send an HTML email.
  • Speed… the more saved messages you have, the slower Apple Mail gets. For power users, this is crippling when trying to work.
  • Apple Mail has no formatting controls in the message window.
  • If a message has styled text and images both, Apple Mail will send it out twice. With Eudora, you can send them as one regular message.

What email client do you use, and why do you prefer it? What things about it make it better than the rest? Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video: