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Yoga – It Does a Body Good

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One of the cool things my friend Imei does is to teach Yoga. She often works with people in corporate environments, to help them learn how to be more productive due to learning how to relax. Isn’t that an interesting concept for a Geek? That whole relaxing thing kind of worried me a bit at first. I have to admit, I feel more comfortable in my own body now. I feel as though I’m getting more oxygen… and that little spot between my shoulder blades no longer hurts due to having bad posture.

By simply learning to breathe better, and relax each muscle of my body, I now truly feel like a million bucks. I know I slouch in my office chair. Don’t lie – I know you do, too! Most of us have bad posture. Since we spend so many hours a day hunched over our computers, it’s no wonder that we’re always in pain, and rubbing kinks out of our necks!

If I were you, I’d take a yoga class or two. It will only help you, and no… it does not make you look unmanly! I feel better. I’m breathing better. I AM better.

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Be Comfortable at your Desk

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Recently, I talked about what to look for when buying a desk. I would say the number one priority should be comfort. I’m currently using Bush Series C / Corsa – Hansen Cherry as my desk, by the way. With most of us spending large amounts of time at our desk, it is critical for our body’s health to be comfortable, and have a good grasp on ergonomics.

  • Take hourly breaks. It’s important that you take time away from the computer, so that you do not damage your eyes. Go and read a chapter of a book every so often so that your eyes can focus on something different than the glare of a computer screen. This also will cause less pain in your back from sitting in your computer chair, and stop any aches and pains that may start in your body.
  • Use any tools or features of equipment that can help to ensure comfort. For instance, if you have a keyboard with a wrist rest, then this can allow you to relax whilst typing. If you have a mouse pad with a wrist rest on it also, usually made out of a soft material, this can also come in handy.
  • Do not position your equipment out of reach. When you are finished typing and need to use the mouse, make sure it is close so you are not stretching over to grab it. It is also useful when buying a mouse to see if you are comfortable with the design such as where your thumb rests.
  • Do not use a computer whilst tired or under the influence of alcohol. With alcohol slowing down your reactions you may do something you didn’t mean to do, don’t realize or even worse… you could knock over the beer onto your keyboard. Also if you are tired, you get irritated, and you can’t perform to your best when using the computer. This will cause stress, and your work may be affected. Besides, you don’t want to cause an extra bug in that program which could be perfect with a good night’s sleep.
  • Sit upright, ensure you have enough leg room, and your feet are positioned so that they are flat on the ground. Also, make sure that your chair is at the right height, so that you can easily reach the keyboard and mouse.


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