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How to Embed YouTube Video Without Related Videos

There are times when you don’t want related videos playing in a YouTube video embed. I know, because a few minutes ago I had that very need!

It’s actually quite simple to embed a YouTube video by way of their on-site forms these days – and they’re bound to change the options by the time I post this how to article. The good news is: if you’re having problems trying to get your YouTube video to embed without displaying any related links, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond with updated directions (and update this description, too).

Don’t worry – if you’ve already embedded the video, you can very easily turn off the related videos from showing up. This might be important if you only want a page’s visitor to see that single video. Take a look at the HTML code you copied from YouTube originally.

So, in essence, you’ll want the end of the video to look like this screen shot – giving the viewer no other option other than to replay without seeing related videos (from you or any other YouTube viewers):

You’ll see a couple of “youtube” URLs in there – the links which tell the web page which video needs to be played. To the end of these URLs, we need to add a simple parameter:


So, for example, if you see a URL like this:


And turn it into this:


This way, when someone goes to view the video, no related videos will show up. You can see a living example of this code in action on our current business services site. You could also click on the YouTube links above to see the differences between viewing a video with or without the related video option.

Good luck with your embedding. If you have any questions about YouTube, don’t hesitate to ask!

Do you Embed my Videos or Pictures?

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Someone recently asked me what exactly embedding means? To embed something simply means that you are enclosing or adding something. For instance, you can embed a video into a blog post, or onto YouTube.

We record and upload videos to YouTube. You’re also able to watch those videos on my blog. YouTube allows me to embed the video into my blog. I don’t move the video, or upload it directly to my site. I basically point you to the video, which is hosted on YouTube. Why would I want to do that? Well for one, YouTube bears the burden of the bandwidth. If the videos aren’t hosted on my site, they aren’t eating up my bandwidth. There are also tons of people watching these videos, so having them be on YouTube allows the traffic to be routed through them.

Embedding is a good thing. The only caveat really is where you embed. You need to be careful where you host and upload things, in case the site could someday close its doors. I don’t think YouTube is going anywhere. I don’t think Flickr is going anywhere.

So basically, you take some HTML code, paste it into your blog or website, and presto! The video or picture has been embedded.


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Steal my Content – with Permission and Credit

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Isn’t this soundboard the coolest thing? It was created by live community member desertwarrior. Not only is it fun, it also really underscores my belief in being open about everything I do. He’s taken about 60 clips of things I’ve said and sounds I’ve made, and put them together in this neat little application you can all play with.

There are some content producers who aren’t as unfriendly to their community. They aren’t as open to letting their community to do things like this. I’ve said in the past you can use my Chris heads anytime you want. This just wraps up everything I enjoy about interacting with people on the Web. Until the day comes when I lose my voice… I’ll be able to keep this up.

I don’t know how you all feel about this. If you create content and put it online… do you let the community take the ball and run with it. If you don’t allow it… why? I’m just curious as to why don’t. You’re free to use any of my content. All I ask is a small amount of credit. Embed my videos. Share a link of mine. Use an article I’ve written. Just show me the final product. Send me a .pdf, or a link… just something I can see. Go ahead and use those clips and sound bites. Just be friendly about it, not gross or illegal. Thats just not right. Again, all I ask is you give some type of credit (a link back to my site is fine).

Let’s not go overboard though. The World can only take so much of me. Heck… I can only take so much of me.


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Rich Media Email

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – To my knowledge, it is not possible to embed a video directly into an email. Most email clients will choke if you tried to send that type of rich media. Anything like Flash content and JavaScript even are considered to be a security risk, and are not allowed.

Way back in the late 1990s I authored a book called Email Publishing. In the book, I explained to people how to build communities using their email. Email publishing is about the content. Yes, sponsors are important. However, without good content you don’t have much of anything.

One of our faithful YouTube subscribers wrote in to ask how he can embed a video directly into an email. He wants it to either load or play immediately when the email is opened, or have it be a box the recipient can click to immediately play. To my knowledge, there is no way to do this. A video in an email will not render, and would likely be considered a security risk.

Another thing to think about is whether your audience really wants a video to begin playing immediately. Think back to when Microsoft made it possible for people to embed background music in their emails. How annoying was this? If I’m listening to music, or already have something playing I need to listen to, I do not want a video to automatically start playing when I open my email. Plain graphics and links are what you need to focus on. It’s acceptable to place a link in an email that goes to a page with the video embedded in the middle of it. Make it the recipient’s choice as to when they want to view your video.

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Formats Available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4) Flash Video (.flv) MP3 Audio (.mp3) Microsoft Video (.avi)