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Malware on the Rise

There are times when malware seems to be everywhere. Even a large, security conscious company like Google can be exploited. This week, Elinor Mills reported that Google Doodle had been compromised:

Online scammers are taking advantage of the public’s interest in the Google Doodle to spread malware, a security firm warned on Tuesday.

In so-called “SEO poisoning,” scammers use search engine optimization techniques to increase the distribution of malware. They create special malware-rigged Web sites or hide malware on legitimate Web sites they’ve compromised and then use tags associated with popular search terms to get them listed high up in search engine results.

And with the holidays nearly upon us, malware will be in our email. For example, hackers will load malware onto email that looks like a holiday greeting card. Once the person opens that email – expecting it to be from a friend or family member – the computer can be compromised. Consider this a warning to not open any email greeting cards this year.

This holiday season is an opportune time for hackers. They too have expenses and they know that people online are rushing. Hackers are counting on any lapse of attention to have malware installed on more and more machines. That is why we recommend security programs such as Webroot Internet Security Essentials (WISE):

… With unmatched antivirus, antispyware and firewall security, WISE provides blockbuster protection for your PC. In fact, the technologies in WISE have won a combined 11 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice awards! These technologies provide more complete protection than competing products to proactively block: viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, data theft, rootkits, hackers, intrusions, keyloggers…

Webroot is allowing up to three computers to be protected and with a ten dollar discount. This works out to an amount under seventeen dollars per computer. It is a huge bargain.

Protect yourself with an award winning program. We want you to be safe online. This would be an exceptional gift to any friend or family member who does not pay much attention to internet security. This is an easy to use program that you can give for year round computer security. And remember, this offer will protect up to three machines.

Are You Sending eCards Instead of Traditional Cards?

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I received a cute little eCard from a friend on my iPhone. It was a nice surprise, and one that made me smile. You can send your own ecardlets, which are especially customized for the iPhone. Best of all, it’s completely free! Just head over to ecardlets to send yours today.

ecardlets are 3-D ecards you can send to friends with an iPhone. The ecardlets beta has cards in more than a dozen categories, including holiday designs, thank you cards, and frienship cards. Users may also upload their own images to send as an ecardlet.

You don’t have to register for anything if you don’t wish to. Congratulate someone for finally buying an iPhone. Send your best friend a hug. Heck, you can even wish someone a happy birthday on the go. What a fun and simple way to send someone a happy (or funny!) message.

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Greeting Card Spam

http://live.pirillo.com/ – QBack in the early days of the Internet getting a greeting card via e-mail used to be a cool event; but, in recent years, greeting card spam has become very prevalent, especially during a holiday season.

How can you identify these messages?

  • It use a generic name instead of your real name
  • It asks you to visit a website that you've never heard of
  • It tells you that you need to download some custom software
  • It asks for your bank or credit card information
  • It doesn't list who the card came from
  • It lists one of your friends' names, but your friend did not send the card

Do you have any advice on avoiding getting scammed?

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