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Sprint 4G Markets Increasing – But Where are the Phones?

Sprint launched 4G service in seven new markets today, bringing the current total to 43. The company predicts that large markets such as Los Angeles and New York will see the same service before the end of this year. However, there aren’t any phones to be had anywhere. The only available 4G phone (as of the writing of this post) is the HTC EVO 4G. Sadly, HTC cannot begin to keep up with demand due to parts shortages.

The EVO accesses the web over 4G and can also share the WiMAX connection with other devices… for a fee. With capabilities such as this, the phone is the flagship for Sprint’s next-generation network. If the phone isn’t available, though, how much of a crimp does that put into Sprint’s timetable and plans? HTC says that they have contracted with additional suppliers to ratchet up EVO production. Let’s hope this is the case, and that we’ll see EVOs back on the shelves in the near future.

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Top $10 Tech

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette. All opinions are 100% mine with my standard disclosure.

I'm a Gillette Pro

We take technology for granted on a daily basis. Most people equate the word technology with computer-related items despite the fact that by definition it extends far beyond that scope. Technology encompasses any inventions, gadgets, doohickies, appliances, doodads, thingamabobs, whatchamacallits, and gizmos that we use in our homes each day. They’re the little things that we have lying around, grabbing to use without even really thinking about. We know they’re there yet we don’t stop to realize how much easier our lives are for having them.

I took a tour of my house and opened my eyes to inexpensive (under ten dollars) tech gems that I take for granted, and was shocked to see how many there were. Here are just a few.

  • Batteries – Can you imagine a world without batteries? Take a glance around you right now and count how many items you see that need a battery to make them work properly. When I did this myself, I was astounded at how many there were. Imagine coming up with alternatives for all of the battery-operated things you use regularly. How much time and effort do you save by having these objects? Before the invention of batteries, we had to power our gadgets with the help of tiny dinosaurs on treadmills, and this could get quite messy after a long day.
  • Toothbrush – Yes, a toothbrush is a type of technology, and one we definitely don’t stop to think about. We simply use it – day in, and day out. Prior to an actual toothbrush being invented, our ancestors likely used their finger or a leaf to clean off their teeth IF they even thought to clean them at all. Imagine how gross you would feel – and look – if you never used one of these simple little pieces of tech. When your teeth feel like they’re wearing sweaters, it’s time to get scrubbing!
  • Earbuds – The next time you’re out in public walking around, make a conscious effort to notice how many people have earbuds sitting in their ears. Thousands of people use these on a regular basis while walking, cooking, cleaning, exercising, sitting on an airplane, or during their commute. We listen to music and podcasts, catch up on the news or our favorite shows, and generally tune out the rest of the world for those few stolen moments of solitude. Even if you’ve got nothing to plug them into, they’re nice for avoiding conversation with street corner tuba buskers and one-eyed spare change hustlers.
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide – For men and women alike, shaving is something we do without thinking, though this hasn’t always been the case. Before the advent of the safety razor in relatively recent human history, shaving could be a quite dangerous chore that was tasked to experts. I shudder to think about how we would all look without having a simple way to shed unwanted hair -from our chins to our legs to our underarms – whatever the case may be. We want to look and feel our best, and shaving is just one of those things we do to prepare ourselves for whatever lies ahead. Until recently, I never took the time to notice how invaluable my razor is. On the other hand, think of all the gadgets I could have at the ready if I grew a gnarly gnome beard to keep them in!
  • Electric Can Opener – If you cook, you know exactly why this made my list of items. You’re busy whipping up a pot of your famous chili and have to spend fifteen minutes opening several cans of beans, tomatoes, and sauces. With one of these shiny little pieces of technology, that time is cut to just a moment or two. I am convinced it also saves me from having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my wrists. I’d make sure to rinse it between peeling open cans of dog food and peaches, though. Just saying.
  • Alarm Clock – It doesn’t matter if you use a traditional alarm clock, your cell phone, or your computer. You still likely use an alarm to wake yourself up at a certain time. Can you even imagine what time people would stumble into work or school each day if we didn’t have some type of alarm clock in our bedrooms? Very few of us have our bodies programmed to wake up automatically. I’d definitely never make it on time to morning appointments without one of these. The rooster I was using annoyed the neighbors, so I made them a nice chicken dinner as a peace offering.
  • Thermometer – If you’re a parent, you are already grateful beyond belief for these tiny little pieces of tech goodness. You can easily tell when your child has a fever. It’s not so easy to tell with the touch of a hand exactly how high that temperature may be. A kiss to the forehead may tell you that the person needs a dose of Tylenol, but it won’t tell you if they may need other medical intervention. Even as an adult, one of the first things a doctor will ask when you call them is how high your fever is running. Without the aid of a thermometer, you cannot begin to give them an accurate answer. Resist the urge to tell your doctor where he/she can stick that damned thermometer, anyway.

When one remembers that technology doesn’t only encompass things you’d find in your office, it’s easy to appreciate the things around us that we use on a daily basis. Each of the items I listed make life a little easier for us. Isn’t that what technology advancements are all about?

What inexpensive pieces of technology lying around your house do you use regularly without thinking about them? Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler…

Burson Headphone Amp Review

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I am by no means an audiophile. My ears don’t always even work properly. So, when Burson sent along the HA-160 Headamp to review, I knew that this was a job best done by someone like my friend Imei. She has a lot of classical music training in her background. This made her the ideal listening candidate!

There are many times when you may have to use some sort of headphones to listen to your music, watch a video or even play a game. However, you don’t want to lose the quality you’re accustomed to, right? Using this headphone amp is literally like sitting in a concert hall. The sounds are so much crisper and clearer… more separated, even. It’s an amazing difference, even to someone who has ears like mine.

Most headphone amps are built with ICs (integrated circuitry). Listening to an IC based head amp is like trying to listen to a grand concert through a key-hole! The HA-160 has been designed with no ICs within its circuitry. This completely closed unit is ideal for perfect listening experiences.

This, folks, is solid-state done absolutely right.

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Ankit Earbuds Review

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What type of earbuds or headphones are you currently using? Are they comfortable while still providing excellent sound? You’ll get both with the Ankit Ergonomic Noise-Isolating Earphones with G-Bass Technology. They are VERY comfortable, and the sound is honestly – surprisingly – really good. I know that most people don’t expect much in the way of quality when using earbuds. I’m telling you though… these are great!

There are a few points about these particular earphones that are worth noting:

  • Ergonomic – The special curved design of the earplugs fit your ears naturally and comfortably.
  • Noise Isolation – These ergonomic earplugs and the metal-shielded driver blocks out external noises.
  • G-Bass Technology – Delivers rich sound with clear low notes (Bass) and few softened sharp notes.
  • Custom Fit – Comes with 3 different sizes of comfortable silicon earbud tips for all ears (S, M, L).
  • 3.5mm Gold Connector – Works with all your iPods, iPhones, Zunes, PSPs, Nintendo DSs, and what not.

For every pair of these earphones sold, the team at Ankit will plant a tree! They also caution you that you should never listen to music with any type of earbuds at max volume for more than a few minutes at a time. If you do, you can cause irrepairable hearing loss.

If you’d like to win one of four pairs for yourself, leave a video response on YouTube. Show us what you are using now, and tell us why you’d like a pair of these.

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Why are Earbuds so Uncomfortable?

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Have you ever had those small earbuds from your mp3 player fall out of your ear, or cause discomfort after prolonged use? If so, you may want to try out Breppies. They are comfy little “socks” for your earbuds.

As I tried these out, I was pleasantly surprised. They are really comfortable, and fit snugly in my ears. I shook my head around – and they didn’t even fall out! Color me impressed, they work really well! They don’t look like much, but they really are! Of course, I’m not really cracked up on using the hot pink ones. Luckily, they come in many different colors.

Check out the top 10 reasons to get Breppies:

  • Clean – Breppies are great for active people and athletes that listen to music while working out. Switch out one set of Breppies with a new one when needed.
  • Stays Put – You will not lose Breppies like regular ear bud covers as Breppies are designed to fit snugly on your earbuds.
  • Protection – Breppies help protect the earbud from sweat and dirt and other funky gunk!
  • Colors – Breppies come is a wide variety of colors so you can choose your favorite color.
  • Coporate Marketing – Businesses can put their logo on the outside of Breppies for use as a fantastic marketing tool.
  • Durable – Breppies are made of a high quality neoprene material and will not tear or lose it’s shape like regular earbud covers.
  • Style – Personalize your Breppies with text or a logo and even color match them with your outfit!
  • Fit – Breppies work to create a snug fit in your ear. Everyone has different size ears but there is only one size of earbud!
  • Comfort – Breppies make it so you don’t have that hard earbud in for hours. Breppies create a nice cushion in your ear.
  • THEY’RE FREE – At least for a limited time they are. Click here to get your free pair of Breppies.

Be sure to get your free pair today!

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Do You Prefer Earbuds or Headphones?

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I happen to love audio – especially when it’s music from the new and exciting GeeksRadio.fm. GeeksRadio is launching on December 15th. It’s made by Geeks – for Geeks. They will be playing a wide variety of music, with several different types of on-air personalities. If you’re interested in being a part of this new venture, be sure to click the contact button on the site! Also, make sure you join us for the official launch party on December 15th at 6pm EST. I know I’ll be there, and Santa Claus plans to make a special guest appearance!

So when I’m listening to music, should I use earbuds, or headphones? I think it’s a matter of personal preference for everyone, really. It depends on your level of comfort, and what your needs are. I’ve reviewed several different types in the past, so when I was given the opportunity to review the Purebuds, I jumped at the chance.

The blasting sound of most earbuds can potentially damage your sensitive ear drums in which could lead to hearing loss. Purebuds utilizes the revolutionary Reverse Sound Technology to keep your ears feeling safe and listening safe, all day long. The innovative design of the Purebuds channel the sound away from your ear drums for crystal clear audio reproduction reducing the likelihood of potential ear damage. Purebuds delivers you just that, pure & safe sound.

Purebuds goes one step further to deliver you an incredible digital audio listening experience with the special effect audio enhancements it provides. Your Purebuds Headphones come with three different earbud tips. While conventional earbuds provide some earbud tips in a vague attempt to give a variation in size or comfort, we’ve decided to turn the earbud world on it’s ear, so to speak. Each earbud tip provides a different audio ambiance effect, allowing you to customize your listening experience without having to buy three pairs of specialized headphones. No matter which tip you choose, you can rest assured that our innovative “Safe-Sound” technology will bring you pure sound.

What really makes these different is the way they were constructed. Instead of pointing in, the speaker faces outward, and then is dynamically filtered back in. The Purebuds come with three different sets of tips. One is an all-purpose version, another is designed for more bass, and the last specifically caters to surround-sound.

Wow. These are very comfortable, and really deliver what they promise. I never would have thought that rubber tips on an earbud could make so much of a difference, but they do. It’s a very rich sound, and an excellent experience.

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What are the Best Headphones to Buy?

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This particular set of earbuds is compatible with my iPhone. There’s a little button I can push to mute the music and answer a call quickly if one comes in. The headphones also work with pretty much any piece of hardware, so long as it has a standard audio input. This is no regular set of earbuds. These are Coosh headphones.

Why Coosh? We listened to your ears. We created Coosh ear buds to stay on and feel good. Coosh ear buds are designed to stay on while you’re running, jumping, dancing or however you move. Coosh more than just stays on; they are made from a durable, ultra-light, flexible and soft silicone. These ear buds feel good! The Coosh listening experience doesn’t stop outside your ears. Sound engineers confirm that Coosh ear buds deliver a top-quality, balanced sound. Treat your ears to Coosh for an ear bud headphone or headset that stays on feel good. Stays on! Feels good! Coosh Headphones works with IPOD, MP3 Players and other audio devices that require a 3.5mm jack. The headphones are soft, light, and flexible. The silicone rings are detachable so you can customize your wearing style. Coosh is designed for extreme comfort, natural fit and emits a stereo sound. The ultra lightweight flexible silicone ear rings secure the ear buds so they stay on. Coosh is quality engineered for a full-bodied sound.

I hate when you’re walking around or something, and one of the earbuds fall out. Then you have a wire hanging down, and you can’t even hear anything. But with the Coosh, there is this little plastic thingie that will keep them from falling off your ears if the earbud pops out.

These are really comfortable, and work amazingly well. They’re super lightweight, and the sound quality is far above what I expected. I definitely recommend picking a set of these up for yourself.


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