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EA Brings Back Lite-Brite – for Your iPhone

I know you remember playing with a Lite-Brite at some point during your childhood. Even those kids who never owned one ended up creating cute little works of art at a friend’s house. Those colorful tiny pegs were the bane of every mom’s existence… and created hours of enjoyment for those of us who were under the age of twelve. Who am I kidding? I’m a few years past twelve, and I’d still play with one of these if I had one here.

Electronic Arts is making it simple for you to keep your kiddo busy during a car trip or a wait at the doctor’s office. We promise not to tell anyone if you occasionally play with the Lite-Brite app yourself! The app will allow you to animate what you’ve done and even share it with friends via email, facebook or your photo reel.

You’ll find classic design templates plus many new ones. Choose to play around in free-style mode to let your inner creativity soar. Unlock more designs after completing a set number of drawings. Add colors with the swipe of a finger or pinch to zoom in or out. There’s even a Time Attack mode to challenge yourself… see how fast you can complete a template and match your score against your friends.

I love finding apps such as these for my iPhone. What cool apps are you playing with these days?

Become an Acrobat with Mirror’s Edge for the iPhone

Mirror’s Edge is the newest app to come from the folks behind EA Mobile. The game transports you to a place which appears on its surface to be perfect. As we all know, nothing is ever as it seems. You’ll have to become an acrobat to combat the evil that is hiding around every corner.

In a city where information is heavily monitored, where law is brutally enforced, where most people sacrifice freedom for a comfortable life, there are still those that choose to live on the edge. In Mirror’s Edge, take control of Faith Conners, a member of an underground group known as “Runners.” These acrobatic messengers are the last source of free communication in this “perfect” city. But a deadly threat has grown from within and Faith finds that she alone is the one that can stop it. Use Faith’s incredible acrobatic moves to outmaneuver the enemy –run on walls, slide down precarious ramps, ride ziplines, and leap between rooftops.

Reviews claim that this version captures the essence of the console counterpart very well – and I have to agree. It’s rare to see this happen with a mobile game. Just as with the console version, the app has a storyline which will propel you through the levels. Since there actually are levels, there’s always room to improve. Learn the best routes through each level, explore the map to find hidden bags and figure out how to master the various controls in order to have faster completion times.

It is a bit challenging to get all of the various swipes and moves down pat. Once you are used to swiping in a certain direction to control a particular function… it’s all downhill (or uphill!) from there. This is a fast-paced and fun game, and one that I will be playing often. Can you beat my score?

EA Mobile Summer Game Lineup

EA Mobile has officially announced their upcoming late-summer lineup of new game offerings. Since the iPhone was first released, EA Mobile has been one of the leading players in the gaming apps field. Popular games from the company have included Scrabble, Tetris, Monopoly and Battleship. In 2009, their game The Sims 3 was the #1 best-selling game on the app store.

Following are nine of the new games that you can expect to see hitting iTunes in the near future:

  • MADDEN NFL 11 – This game will be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This is considered to be the most authentic NFL game in the app store. This iteration is purported to be even better than before! In Madden NFL 11, fans and gamers will be able to play BOTH sides of the ball using Total Defensive Control. You’ll enjoy less time in the playbook and more time on the field with the new GameFlow feature. You can now draw Hot Routes everywhere which literally draws a player’s movements on the field pre-snap. This creates the play YOU want to run. This game is slated to be released this fall.
  • Reckless Racing – Reckless Racing will be released for the iPhone and iPad. The game features roaring engines, squealing tires and amazing graphics. It mixes top-down racing game play with engaging multiplayer features. The balanced controls let you skid, slip and slide through some gorgeous tracks. It features a fully-stocked multiplayer mode, online leaderboards and the ability to trade “ghost races” with other players from anywhere in the world. Reckless Racing will hit the streets soon.
  • Need for Speed™ Nitro-X – This new iteration of the popular game is coming to the Nintendo DSi. This arcade racing game features stylized cars and thrilling racing environments. Players will experience original Need For Speed Nitro fun with some new and unique features including 18 licensed cars and police units, custom tags for in-game use with your DSi camera, 16 updated tracks from all six original Nitro locations, career mode and new rewards. The game is scheduled to be released later this summer.
  • NCAA® Football − This game is slated for the iPhone 4 and iOS3.x. This is the first game by EA Mobile designed specifically for the iPhone 4. It takes awesome advantage of the phone’s new Retina display. Players can choose from 55 of the most popular colleges or create a new one. Lead them all the way to victory in the BCS National Championship. Multiplayer rivalries with head-to-head play and broadcast commentary from Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit bring more intensity to the gaming experience. Rules and plays reflecting the actual NCAA Division 1 experience. It’s available now through the app store!
  • SimCity™ Deluxe – This game created for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to build and manage your dream city. It’s designed to be enjoyed by either casual fans or those of you who are hard-core Sims fanatics. You’ll find easier controls, optimized performance, improved graphics, starter cities and new scenarios. SimCity Deluxe will be available later this summer.
  • The Sims 3 Ambitions – The Sims 3 Amibition is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch this summer. It has all of the fun, customization and social interaction of the entire Sims franchise. Players can now pursue their Sims’ passions and turn them into professions! In the game, players decide whether their Sim will be a town hero or cause trouble amongst their neighbors. Their future is entirely in your hands.
  • YAHTZEE™ – YAHTZEE for the iPad hits the app store in just a few weeks. The big iPad screen and touch interface make gameplay on the device simple. Shake the cup to roll your dice, select the ones you want to hold and keep score with tap controls. There are four different gameplay modes including the iPad-exclusive “Duplicate Rainbow Mode”. You can become a YAHTZEE adventurer and take on in-game characters designed to test your skills. Not only can you play alone… you can also choose Pass ‘n Play for up to four people. Post your scores and issue challenges to your family and friends.
  • RISK – Enjoy the real RISK experience later this summer for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You’ll pursue world domination with this original game of strategic conquest. Mobilize yourself against realistic AI adversaries or challenge up to six opponents.
  • R-Type – R-Type puts the ’80s video-arcade game experience back into the palm of your hands this summer, only on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Players will Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire, pilot an R-9a “Arrowhead” fighter and attack wave after wave of Bydo bad dudes in this old-school style shooter game. R-Type includes original game features such as having eight unique levels – each with eight different bosses.

What other must-have games do you recommend for mobile platforms?