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What AT&T Doesn't Want you to Know About the iPhone

In this video posted by shadoestevens, a famous filmmaker talks about the benefits of using the iPhone and AT&T and how they’ve helped him become a “major player.” He says that of course he uses AT&T, because he has an iPhone. Every day as he makes calls in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and New York City, important calls are dropped. As those calls drop, he seems more important.

People wonder what they are missing. The excitement builds as the other person tries to decide if they are missing out on the most important moment of their lives. Dropped calls make him more mysterious. A major player is never accessible and is hard to reach. Thanks to AT&T, he can never be reached. Even when he is, he could disappear at any given moment. Hard to reach equals very important equals major player.

Every day, he can count on one thing: the people he leaves hanging are always wanting more. There are many surprises with his phone service, since he doesn’t know when his call will disappear. In one day alone, he had 37 dropped calls. That’s good business.

If you want to be a major player, count on AT&T – the world’s worst network.

AT&T Ranks Dead Last for Customer Satisfaction

A recent study by Consumer Reports determined where cell phone companies rate when it comes to customer satisfaction. It seems as though everyone these days has a cell phone, and most of those people have very strong opinions about the carrier they have their service with. Too often, people blame the companies directly for problems such as lost calls when in reality there are several contributing factors. Your location and the type of phone you use can affect how often you drop calls.

It’s interesting to look through these results, and see where each company rates. Surprisingly, TracFone rates the highest amongst the pre-paid plan gang. I’ve heard horror stories about their service in the past. It’s good to see that they have apparently tightened up the ship and made things better for their customers. Amongst the contract carriers, Verizon comes out on top while Sprint and AT&T are nearly neck-and-neck at the bottom of the barrel. They even rank lower than Canadian carriers!

Wireless Satisfaction in USA

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It’s even more interesting to see that AT&T holds almost as big of a market share as Verizon does – despite their obvious lack of customer satisfaction. Who will be the first to point out the obvious: AT&T is only “holding their own” thanks to their exclusive contract with Apple and the iPhone?