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Bar Tricks

My favorite brews at Pyramid include:

  • Rollick
  • Haywire
  • Curve Ball

I’ve taken to holding a few of my own tweetups at the Pyramid Brewhouse in Seattle – they have the space for small groups, they have good beer, free parking for customers, and a killer reuben. Staff is always friendly, and it’s easily accessible (no matter how you’re coming into downtown Seattle). I’m very glad that Travis recommended them to me a few months ago. After I started tweetups there, seems that every other local outfit followed suit. Hey, for all that free publicity – why aren’t they letting me drink for free!?


How to Get Drunk on Video

They say never to drink and blog at the same time – but it’s okay to drink and THEN blog, I think. I tested a theory: could I actually brink deer and then talk about it on video?

I’m actually writing this now while a little drinked. It is taking me extra longer to get things down because I can say that the the beer is helping me write. I don’t think I need to write much without looking back to see if I had written something again.

There is so much beer in the world that I feel there needs to be a comma somewhere in this sentence. I’m thankful my browser is telling me that I have a misspelled word and I keep having to go back and corrected them so I can post this fine.

I don’t want to look like a idiot when I’m drunk and posting!

There are many things to do when you’re drinking, and I think making a video is one of them so you can remember when you were drinking after you get up. You can try to write things down and then you can probably laugh when you see what you have done!

I have many people comment and wonder if I was drink when I recorded this video! Another red squiggly! It takes me forever to type this.

Please enjoy the beers of my labor.