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Wine Time

According to some health experts, drinking a glass of wine every day is good for your heart:

Wine Time

They didn’t really say how small the glass had to be, though! Okay, so perhaps a clarification was made at some point – but I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that part.

This is a nurse LEGO minifig attained at BrickCon by @HipsForHire yesterday. It got to the wine before I could, and I had to clean up small piles of LEGO puke this morning. That stuff is impossible to get out of carpet!

Oh, and the wine was a nice Black Box cabernet sauvignon. Yes, I drink box wine and collect LEGO. You got a problem with that?

What do Gnomedex and Tweetups Taste Like?

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If you had to describe what Gnomedex tastes like, could you do it? What ingredients do you think are thrown together? The official Gnomedex drink at Tiki’s Grill in Hawaii consists of Skyy Vodka, Orange Curacao, Amaretto and fresh lime juice!

They’ve also concocted a Tweetup drink, as well! That drink includes Malibu Pineapple Rum, Banana Liquor, Cranberry and Pineapple juice, and limes.

Both drinks are amazingly delicious, and refreshing. Oh… did I say refreshing? We’ll stick with that, yeah.

I love Hawaii.

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Why Should you Drink Water?

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Joshua(XP) is a regular member in our live chat room. He knows that most of us Geeks drink a lot of soda, and wanted to share with us the reasons why we should be drinking more water.

  • Water is the best thing you can drink, because water actually replenishes your body… unlike soda. Water actually relieves any hunger cravings you might have. I found that when I drink water, I actually do not feel as hungry as I would have if I had drunk soda. Soda, on the other hand, does not fill your thirst well enough so you have to keep drinking it to feel relieved.
  • Before you go to sleep, always drink a glass of water or two in order to make you fall asleep faster and wake up in a more refreshed mood. On the other hand, drinking soda contains caffeine which makes you stay awake. Drink water before you go to bed, it’s better for you and you’ll have a better night’s sleep.
  • Now that we know Spring is upon us and Summer is creeping around the corner, the outside temperatures are increasing and it’s going to get much hotter outside. I know it may be obvious to say, but many people fail to bring a bottle of water with them if they are going outside to have fun. You must understand that not bringing water (and bringing soft drinks instead) is very dangerous and potentially life threatening. Your body perspires and constantly loses water. Remember, also carry a bottle of water with you at all time… it’s a must.
  • You may have known of people that say Gatorade is a lot healthier than water. While in some ways they may be correct, they do not realize how much sugar Gatorade contains. Gatorade is made to make your body become energy-charged, and help you with physical work outs and sports training. Gatorade is not made to be consumed all the time and could actually make you gain weight over time. Drinking water does not contain sugar.
  • Since this is March and the Flu season is all around everywhere making us sick… it’s good to know that water can play a major part in your recovery from the Flu. For example, when you wake up in the morning with a dry, scratchy throat… drink hot water. This relieves any mucus that is stuck in your throat and or chest so that sore throat pain goes away much faster. Another tip for the Flu is to not drink cold water at all. Cold water irritates the throat and chest more than it can actually help. Ice, for example, is not the key to getting over your Flu, because it makes you feel colder and sicker at the same time. Just drink hot water, or eat lots of Ramen noodles.

POST UPDATE After this was posted, I received some very cool information from Dave that I wanted to pass along, as well.

Water is not only important for keeping your body hydrated, but it is also the primary compound of life. In your body, a reaction is constantly taking place in which a compound know as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is hydrolyzed by water to yield Inorganic phosphate and Adenosine diphosphate (ADP). What does this all mean? Well, the bonds that hold the phosphates together contain chemical energy which, when broken by an H2O molecule, is released. Thus, the energy released can then be stored and used by your body. Isn’t it cool!? Simply put, water is also an essential to the production of energy in your body. People often don’t realize that without water the food we eat can not be transformed into usable energy. So please, drink water!


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A Peet's Story

From a Gnomie named Theo…

You keep mentioning Peet’s Coffee Tea and Spices, so here is a story.

Back before the ‘seven day war’ in the Mideast, I shopped at Peet’s in Berkeley, CA. He always had good stuff, and the prices were affordable. I recall my like for his mocha java [presumably a blend of mocha coffee and java coffee – not coffee with chocolate flavor]. One day, I bought an bag of whole beans which was put inside another bag, stuffed into my backpack, and then bicycled home. I put the backpack down inside my room and within a minute the whole room smelled of that wonderful coffee. It tasted like heaven, and lifted my spirits the same way.

After the war, that was not available – and I went on to other enjoyable varieties. Moved away and satisfied myself in the last 10 years with Trader Joe’s French Roast, when I do coffee, which I have stopped mostly in last three years – too hard on the liver.

A few years ago, I started seeing Peet’s in my San Diego area. Naturally, I assumed Mr. Peet was no longer overseeing the purchasing and roasting of coffees, but what the hey, give it a chance. I sat down and had an espresso and it was not very good – lackluster, off-flavor, spoiled. Well, maybe once is bad luck, but I did not go back for fresh or packaged coffee.

Just the other day somebody brought in ground French Roast from Peet’s, so I figured that would be worth trying as a data point. At the usual indecent strength I brew coffee [heaping tablespoon for 6 oz water], it was fresh and clean, but very thin in flavor and aroma.

I think Gresham’s law applies [the bad swamps out the good when demand is high]. Also I read coffee and chocolate plants have become selected, cloned, grown in unnatural ways, forced to grow with fertilizer and pesticide, so we have things a shade of its previous self, and fungus etc. attacking what is left. ‘Course that has happened to much of our food.

Chocolate does not taste as it did decades or years ago, and not all because I am becoming older. Again, I recall in the mid 70’s when recycling just started to be a fad, people left all sorts of things at recycling centers to be “recycled.” One item I stumbled upon was a 25 pound [yes, pound] sack of Ghirardelli’s cocoa. I figured it was meant for me, so I “recycled” it. For over 10 years, I’ve taken from that unrefrigerated sack to make hot cocoa, etc. – and the flavor and aroma, though lessening with time, exceeded what I can find today.

Anyhow, hope we can find enjoyable coffees and chocolates when we want. I still have the memories. And just shared them.

I Spilled Coffee All Over My Computer!

Ugh. This week is not off to a very good start. Then again, it’s almost halfway finished now. I was just exchanging instant messages with my dad (who just got broadband this afternoon) – getting ready to help him through a few software issues. To clear my mind, I needed caffeine – so I reached over to pick up my full mug of home-brewed Peet’s. My periphery vision is not what it used to be, apparently. KLACK! SPLOOSH!

In less than a second, the creamy concoction had covered my computer desk – and without hesitation, I reached down to turn off the PC sitting at my feet. No doubt about it – this was one helluva mess. I could see that some of it had splashed onto the rear of my machine, still dripping from keyboard and monitor cables. Panic mode!

I grabbed paper towels and a dry washcloth, hoping for the best. During the cleanup process, I even invented a few new obscenities (which I dare not repeat here). Took me a good hour before I was able to reverse 90% of the damage. Holding my breath, I booted up the system – and everything seemed to be back to normal. There are still a few stains on the wall, but they should quickly disappear with a squirt (or two) of Formula 409.

I may still have to test Gateway’s hardware exchange policy – assuming that spilling coffee is not considered an “Act of God.”

Coffee Snobs

Dude. I just can’t stay off the juice! Last night, I was compelled to write about my experiences with the Tassimo machine (a wedding gift from Andru and Monica Edwards). Ponzi put it on our wish list – but I really wish the machine did more. Judging from the comments we’re getting, others do as well. Consider Pastor Scott Holder’s note to me a few minutes ago:

I consider myself somewhat of a coffee aficionado, and can fully relate to your comments on either automatic or perfect coffee brewers. Like you, I graduated from the Mr. Coffee era many years ago. I have brewed it, perked it, boiled, nuked it, steamed it, etc. Currently we have a professional espresso machine (it still makes the best espresso), 3 Senseo machines (1 for each: home, work, church), 2 regular brewing systems, and our recently added Tassimo Ultra. I wasn’t really interested in this machine, but my wife has become a kitchen-gadget person of sorts so we bought it. With our local SAMS Club having two on display it was too good a deal to pass up (less than half price).

I must say that the limit on coffee varieties is still somewhat perplexing. Surely there will be more forthcoming. However, I have found that Seattle’s Best does offer a couple of varieties that are worth mentioning. I like dark roast coffee so I have settled on Henry’s Blend as a good choice. Surprisingly, the Maxwell House French Roast is fairly nice, considering I can’t stand Maxwell House coffee. The Gevalia Signature Crema Coffee has a good flavor, but not as well-rounded as the Seattle’s Best. I have also tried the Mastro Lorenzo Crema and found it to be acceptable in taste.

I’m more of an espresso drinker and do like both the Gevalia Espresso and the Mastro Lorenzo Espresso. Both put a nice crema on top and have a rich, bold, almost citrus flavor to them. I’m venturing into the teas as I write this and have found Earl Grey, Green Tea (late in the day), and Tazo Awake Black Tea to all be nice options. Each has a very distinct flavor all its own. I do hope that more flavors and/or varieties will become available in the near future. I follow trends through SingleServeCoffee and also SingleServeEspresso. Both offer a wealth of information about coffee/espresso brewing and news. At singleservecoffee.com, I see non-USA sites with other options for the Tassimo and will probably try some – especially the latte and espresso offerings from Kenco. There are also a couple of different tea varieties not available in the USA that I want to try.

On the flip side, I do know that the Yuban Rain Forest Alliance Coffee is the nastiest-tasting coffee I’ve ever tried. I don’t want another cup of that stuff ever. While writing this email I noticed that Keurig is suing Tassimo over the piercing technology. It’s crazy that this kind of thing is going on. I really hope we don’t lose out after making this investment.

By the way (and this is just a pet peeve of mine): it’s pronounced “espresso” – not “eXpresso.”

The Jones Soda Taste Test


If I drink anything, it’s usually either soda water or coffee (but seldom simultaneously). I decided to exceed my palate’s comfort level and venture into the world of Jones Soda this evening. Mind you, I didn’t flip for their typical cola flavors – that wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?

Turkey and Gravy, Sweet Potato, Dinner Roll, Pea, and Antacid – all sodas in the Jones Soda Holiday 2006 pack. I’m still not sure what drove me to bring such an array of carbonated dissidents home with me, but the results were… well, you’ll just have to watch the video.

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Jones Soda Holiday Pack 2006 – Taste Test


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Last year, someone told me that Jones Soda had released a liquid “Thanksgiving meal” of sorts. It’s a novelty food item that I knew I’d have to drink at some point. I always appreciate when a “normal” flavor is blended with a “normal” food to create a potential culinary abomination. Like wasabi ice cream, for instance – many foods are worth trying once. Sometimes twice!

This afternoon, I was given an opportunity to try the 2006 Holiday Pack. A local grocery store had ’em in stock, although the items had been officially removed from shelves yesterday. I begged and pleaded with the store manager to kindly fetch me a case. He obliged, and the rest (as they say) is history. I decided to record my reactions on video – for posterity.

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Turkey and Gravy soda, Sweet Potato soda, Dinner Roll soda, Pea soda, Antacid Flavored soda – I tried ’em all. What’s the weirdest food or drink that you’ve ever ingested – willingly? I wonder if Jones Soda will make a blog flavored soda next year?