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How Does Your Face Sound?

UncleJohn has been a community member for quite awhile now. He regularly helps me out with screen captures and video editing. He also posts a heck of a lot of funny outtakes… random things that tend to happen on my stream.

He found BallDroppings recently, and knew he had to give it a try. All you have to do is draw lines on the black grid, adjust the speed and gravity, and enjoy your music.

How cool is it that he drew out my face to see what it sounds like? What sounds do your head make?

How to Create Art on the iPad

I bet you had an Etch-a-Sketch when you were a kid. Those things were epic, weren’t they? I used to sit and draw with mine for hours on end. I’d probably still play with it if I had one now as a grown-up!

This is why I’m very happy to see the Mag Canvas app for the iPad. It’s a very basic app, without much variation on what you can do with it. However, I have a feeling it was designed that way on purpose. This app may be intended to keep kids occupied, but I have a feeling many parents will sneak in some drawing time of their own. This would be a great solution for keeping kids happy during a long car ride, or when you need a few moments of peace and quiet to recharge YOUR batteries.

This app should be available right at iPad launch time. Thanks to TUAW for finding this app for us.

How Well Can You Draw?

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Chris is an extremely talented artist. His claim is that he can draw anyone – and he proved it in this video. The way I see it is that if he can draw yours truly this well, he can draw anything.

Are you an artist? Leave a comment here in this post, and show us your work! You never know when something may strike my fancy and end up here in my blog for the world to see.

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What Web Communities do Artists Use?

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I’ve long believed that creativity is the pinnacle of intelligence… to take something that is in your head and create something that the rest of the world can enjoy. It just doesn’t get better than that. I’m not creative in the least. I just sit here and talk and wave my hands around! Luckily, I have many friends who are creative.

So how do artists connect online? I’m glad you asked! A creative friend of mine recently started a new website called Artician for just this purpose. Artician is a new community for creative professionals! They make it easy for anyone to build, manage and customize their portfolio. They also promote and feature creative talent… showing your work to the World!

Upload your digital portfolio, and create a blog if you choose. Even if you aren’t someone who creates – you can explore those who do! If you’re a lover of art in any form, you can join this site and browse some amazing pieces of art.

Look at your walls… what’s on them? You may have posters or pictures you posted from a store. Why not put something original on your wall that was created by someone online. You may find a picture that just speaks to you on some level. That would definitely be something you want to purchase and frame.

Artician makes creativity come alive. Art should speak to you. What’s beautiful in your eyes may not be to someone else. That’s personal. You’ll find things that you find absolutely amazing on Artician, I promise.

If you’re going to check out any new site, take time to browse around Artician. Also, you can follow them on Twitter. Even you cannot draw or create, you can still support those who do!

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How to Start Drawing Things

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Rofai is a community member who happens to be an artist. He wanted me to pass along his tips to all of you who may be thinking about learning to draw. I personally can’t draw, not even a stick figure. But Wicket is an artist extraordinnaire!

  • Do you have enough supplies? Some recommended supplies would be a pencil for sketching, a darker pencil for detail, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, an eraser (those ones that look like mini bricks), a protractor, a compass, colored pencils, enough blank paper (obviously), and anything else that you may think you need. I do NOT recommend crayons or markers. Hopefully you started off with crayons and markers in early elementary school. By this time, you should be using colored pencils.
  • Place your supplies in a place where you can access them efficiently. If you’re right handed, you might want to place everything somewhere on the right side of the table (or whatever you’re using), same if you’re left handed. Have everything within easy reach, so you don’t have to over-extend your arms. Keep a drink nearby, but not on the table with you.
  • Be sure to have enough elbow room. You don’t want to be working on something and get this line across your paper because someone bumped your elbow. My recommendation is to work alone. If you’re working on something during a party, or if you have a friend over… leave your personal space well beyond your boundaries.
  • Color in one direction!! Remember in elementary school when you used to color and it was just… *pewk* b/c you would color in this direction, and that, and it was just horrible? Well coloring in one direction, for the whole picture, makes it look nice and professional. So just move the pencil up and down, or side to side, but remember, which ever way you go, you have to stay that way for every part of your picture.
  • Shading is always a good technique when drawing. You don’t want your drawing to look plain, bold, and 2-dimensional. Shading makes it look more 3d. One way to shade is to take your pencil, start in the corner (or side) you want to be the darkest, then starting there, start coloring dark (by pressing the pencil hard enough), then slowly move along, in one direction, and get lighter as you move. Then take your finger (or two fingers, w/e) and just rub in the area you just colored. This makes your shade look very nice, and makes it look like it’s professionally printed.


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Satan is a Dork

I was going through my spam folder, and this headline caught my eye. I was then compelled to draw it on my Wacom tablet (which doesn’t get much use around here). Consider this my homage to Spamusement.com. “Satan is a Dork” inspired this pencil sketch:

Satan is a Dork

I have no idea if the Devil really is a dork, but if he was a dork – this is probably what he’d look like. I hope I don’t offend any devil worshipers out there by doing this. The devil-worshipping demographic is highly prized, after all. Have you hugged your devil worshipper today? I wouldn’t recommend doing so, anyway. Here’s to hoping I never get inspired by any other spam subject line. I won’t quit my day job, and I promise not to doodle anything else again without first getting my mother’s permission. She’s a devil worshipper, ya know?