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Han Solo's Blaster Drawn in Microsoft Paint

Can you believe FuggedabouditNL was able to do this in Microsoft Paint? I could barely draw a circle with the official circle-drawing tool. Guess it’s not about the tool, after all. He puts Photoshop artists to shame!

As you probably know, MS Paint is free software! This video once again proves that one doesn’t need expensive programs like Photoshop to create some nice 3D images!

This drawing was done in only five hours. Can you even believe he did this? Seriously? I’d like to see YOU try it!

Music Credit – Epic Demo by Cesc Vilà.

How to Create Stick Figure Animations

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I am definitely not an artist. I have trouble even drawing a simple stick figure! Thank goodness there’s software out there that will help me. It’s a lot of fun, too! Stykz is cross-platform, and won’t cost you anything.

Stykz is frame-based, letting you to work on individual frames of your animation. Figures can be rotated, scaled, flipped, duplicated, colorized, and relayered. Figures can be created and edited directly in place; no separate “editor” window is required. Stykz’s PolyFill tool lets you fill shapes with just a few clicks! You can individually adjust the line segments in a figure, setting their length, width, color, and angle.

As you can see, it’s not just some boring old software that lets you make simple designs. Oh no! Stykz is full-featured, allowing you to create very complex little stick men and women!

Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded now, but sadly, the Linux version is still in beta form, so it’s not available just yet. The Linux public beta is coming soon – so stay tuned! The program is awesome, and a lot of fun!

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Give a Sketch, Get a Sketch

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Do you doodle? I do – I’ve always been a doodler. I can draw my own caricature, and my dogs. That’s about it though. If you like to sketch, you may be interested in a pretty cool website I found – Sketch Swap.

When you first get to the website, you aren’t going to see much of anything. That’s because in order to see the sketches of others, you must first submit one of your own! Let’s say you’re not interested in what someone else has sketched. Heck, maybe you can’t sketch anything to save your life.

In that case, you may be interested in the sister site, which is Sketchory. There are currently over 250,000 drawings there that have been submitted via Sketch Swap.

There are some really good artists out there! You’ll be quite surprised at what you see. You can view the picture as it is, or view it as an animation! See it being “drawn” right before your very eyes, so that you can learn.

You can help add tags to sketches you come across, discover more drawings, or just browse through thousands of pictures.

Let the artist inside of you be known! Submit your sketches and look for something you can learn to draw!

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Are You an Aspiring iPhone Animator?

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Here’s a happy face that I created. It’s not just any happy face though. It’s a happy face that animates into a puddle of good. And out of that puddle of goo comes some pink puss. Ok, so I made that up. Basically this is a Flip Book Application for the iPhone. You may remember that recently I reviewed a similar App, called the FlickBook. This one costs $10.00, compared to $5.00 for the FlickBook. Now, you may be already asking whether double the price is worth it. I’m here to tell you, it is. The tool set that comes with FlipBook is just awesome.

Drawing hand held animation gets easier, and more fun using FlipBook on the iPhone. FlipBook makes it easy to create colorful animations with your fingertips, and share them with your friends and family. Getting started is easy, simply download the $9.99 application from the app store and start animating. Use anything from eraser to onion skinning to layered drawing. Draw on top of images from your photo album including images taken with your iPhone’s camera. Touch play when you’re ready to see how your movie looks, and use the accelerometer to control how fast your movie plays then upload it to flipbook.tv and share it with everyone. FlipBook puts animation into your hands.

FlipBook has easy to use drawing controls and is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Some of its features include customizable brush and eraser sizes, an advanced color picker, layer-based drawing, and a move tool, enabling you to create beautiful drawings. Use one finger to draw and two fingers to control. Bring up the toolbar by tapping with two fingers. Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out or slide two fingers around the screen to pan. When zoomed out, swipe with two fingers to go forward and back through your frames. FlipBook allows you to choose between varying your movie’s speed with the accelerometer or use a fixed-frame rate. While paused, swipe your finger to change frames.

You can easily upload movies you create using FlipBook, or email them to friends. Create layer-based drawings using customizable brushes and multiple colors. There are just so many cool things you can do with this App, that you’ll find you used more than $10 worth in the first sitting alone.

This App is very clean, and very advanced. It’s quite intuitive, which is great for most people. If you do enjoy flip books, art or animation, be sure to give FlipBook a shot. I give it a huge thumbs up!


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Satan is a Dork

I was going through my spam folder, and this headline caught my eye. I was then compelled to draw it on my Wacom tablet (which doesn’t get much use around here). Consider this my homage to Spamusement.com. “Satan is a Dork” inspired this pencil sketch:

Satan is a Dork

I have no idea if the Devil really is a dork, but if he was a dork – this is probably what he’d look like. I hope I don’t offend any devil worshipers out there by doing this. The devil-worshipping demographic is highly prized, after all. Have you hugged your devil worshipper today? I wouldn’t recommend doing so, anyway. Here’s to hoping I never get inspired by any other spam subject line. I won’t quit my day job, and I promise not to doodle anything else again without first getting my mother’s permission. She’s a devil worshipper, ya know?