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The Future of the Internet

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Over on Lockergnome, Slick asked what our thoughts are on the future of the Internet. With speeds and capabilities ever-increasing, it can boggle the mind to think of what we’ll have available to us in 20 years or so. It will be funny to look back to the year 2010 and think about how SLOW we thought the connections we have now were.

It’s interesting that this question came up when it did. I learned today that Australia is going to be giving all of their citizens fiber-optic connections in their homes. Finland recently said that citizens have the RIGHT to broadband connections. How many other countries will soon realize that the only way to bring their land and their citizens into the future with free and easy access to the Internet?

We already know that the Internet is much more important than eating, drinking, sleeping or having somewhere nice to live, right? Maybe it’s not AS important as those other needs. However, I do think that it’s pretty high up on the list. Wherever you are, you need information. Getting info from the library isn’t practical these days. They’re great, yes, for certain things.

We have knowledge. How are we going to turn that knowledge into wisdom? The future of Internet connections is omnipresent. Anywhere you go and any device you have should be able to quickly connect to the Internet at any given moment of the day, without muss or fuss.

What are your thoughts? What do you think we’ll see in the future as far as the Internet and its connections and speeds go?

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How Does iTunes Work on the iPad?

Imagine being stuck in an airport for hours on end. You’re bored out of your mind, and feeling as though you could flip out at any second. Now imagine having the iPad with you, just waiting for you to connect to iTunes. It takes one tap of a finger to connect to the iTunes store via a wireless connection.

Once you connect to iTunes, you know what to do from there. You can browse through music, podcasts, telelvision shows and movies to purchase. Grab that new album you’ve been dying to listen to, plug your headphones in, and rock out. There are millions of songs available – and thousands of movies and videos.

If you are a student and could use some extra knowledge (who couldn’t?), you can connect to iTunes U. There you will find lectures, lessons, audiobooks and even podcasts – all coming from universities and museums.

You can quickly transfer your existing iTunes library from another device to your iPad and from your iPad to the other machines. No matter where you go (or what device you have with you) you won’t have to leave your media at home.

Favorite Downloads

I initiated a TypeWith.me document the other day and seeded the link to those in my chat room. Within a few hours, the group of us had assembled our own list of “favorite” downloads for…


Mac OS X

What are You Downloading?

Whether or not you’re a fan of Java, it’s something we use every day – often without even thinking about it. If your Java version isn’t updated to the most recent, you’re going to run into troubles. Thankfully, Sun has been busy releasing updates… and upgrades.

Now that Motorola is going to be moving to Android, it will be interesting to see how many others will follow. Some people aren’t cracked up about a few of the updates Motorola has in store. What do you think?

Who would have ever thought that the iPhone would be providing a boon to the flash memory market? I rely on my iPhone to survive, pretty much. I use it nearly as often as I use my actual Mac Pro! The more I use it, the more memory and storage I need. Being able to use flash memory on a mobile device is sending the demand for such things through the roof.

Have you checked out our download site yet? Our developers have been working night and day to bring you a clean interface, coupled with downloads you really need. You’ll find tabs full of downloads for your Mac, Windows machine, mobile device and even console games. There are programs and utilities available for everything from balancing your budget to backing up your system. Make sure you see what you might need today!

You don’t necessarily have to be a technology enthusiast to be a Geek. A Geek is someone who is filled with passion for something. You can be a Gardening Geek, a Motorcycle Geek, or even a Wine Geek. Our Geeks social network is a place where Geeks of all types, ages and affinities can come together to discuss whatever it is that is on their minds. Join us today!

Award-Winning Software Usually Isn't

In the early ’90s, I wrote about software just about every day of my life – and that’s how Lockergnome came into being. There were very few original sources for content, and I was one of them (tilting at windmills by publishing through email). I really lost interest after dozens of Web sites sprang up and cluttered the landscape with useless award stickers and insipid reviews to inferior products. It was cathartic to read The software awards scam this afternoon…

The truth is that many download sites are just electronic dung heaps, using fake awards, dubious SEO and content misappropriated from PAD files in a pathetic attempt to make a few dollars from Google Adwords. Hopefully these bottom-feeders will be put out of business by the continually improving search engines, leaving only the better sites. I think there is still a role for good quality download sites. But there needs to be more emphasis on quality, classification, and additional content (e.g. reviews). Whether it is possible for such a business to be profitable, I don’t know. However, it seems to work in the MacOSX world where the download sites are much fewer in number, but with much higher quality and more user interaction.

So, is the software editorial dead? Do ratings and awards (for anything) really matter anymore? Why hasn’t the shareware industry done anything about it – and if they have tried, why is it still happening?