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Do You Need a .CO Domain?

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If you’re like me, you only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. One of the better ones happened to be all about .CO domains. They are all the rage right now, and everyone seems to want one. Heck, my folks are here visiting right now, and my Dad was wondering if he should get one for himself.

I feel they’re pretty “dot” useless. They’re about as interesting as .INFO domains are. At the end of the day, what do people think of when they think of a domain name? It’s a .COM – duh!

I think that .CO will end up becoming a hotbed of spammers and malicious people. They’ll snap them up and make them have the same name as popular sites… then park their icky stuff there. If you accidentally try to go to the popular (real) .COM website and forget the letter M – you’re screwed. You’re going to end up on this bad landing page.

I have nothing against Columbia. But I think that if you gobble up .CO domains, you’re wasting money.

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It’s a GoDaddy Thanksgiving!

Our friends at GoDaddy.com have been great to us over the past few years. They regularly offer coupons and specials to our community, and this weekend is no exception! They are giving all of you their best deal yet:

As a special Black Friday promotion, Go Daddy has given us a special promo code for $5 .com domain names. Use the code BLACKOUT starting at 12:01am on Black Friday 2009 (11-27-2009) thru 11:59pm on Cyber Monday 2009 (11-30-2009) and get a .com domain name for just $5. Here’s the important part, this code will ONLY work for the first 250 people, so think of the perfect name now, and reserve it first thing on Black Friday! (some restrictions apply – see site for details)

How’s that for a Happy Thanksgiving!? If you’ve been putting off buying a domain name because you just don’t want to spend the money – now is your chance! Who can resist this bargain?! Don’t forget… if you have trouble coming up with a domain name to use, why not try out my domain picker?!

I hope all of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving today, and I also hope that you took the time to reflect upon what you are thankful for. From myself, my assistant Kat and everyone in the Lockergnome family – thank you! If it weren’t for all of you, we couldn’t do what we do.

How to Choose a Domain Name

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The problem with registering domain names isn’t the registration process. They’re fairly inexpensive, and easy to register. The problem is that all the good names and addresses are already taken. Finding a decent one is sometimes a bit of a challenge. This is the reason I have created this new site – to help you find possible names for the perfect site for you!

This site is exceedingly easy to use. Give it a web address (news article, blog post, etc). The site will scan that web page, pull out two random words, and slap a .com on the end of the words. It will tell you whether or not the address is available. It will even ask you how many results you want!

If a site is already registered, there will be a large red X next to the result. If it’s not, there will be a link you can click to take you to a page that helps you buy it for yourself! All you have to do is plug in any address that exists on the web that deals with the topic matter you’re looking at creating a site for. How much easier can it get?

This is great to help you save time while trying to come up with the best possible name for your new venture. It will also save you the headache you’ll get from brainstorming for hours on end trying to think up something unique. Take a moment and check out our domain thinktank for yourself.

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Top Five Reasons You Should use Google Apps for your Domain

Michael wrote me an email to share his list of reasons why you should be using Google Apps on your own domain… possibly even instead of something like Exchange.

  • Use your own domain. – This might not necessarily be a big deal to the vast majority of users but to people like me it is. For example i could use my own domain for my e-mail address. That gives me a much higher selection of (good) e-mail addresses than if i had a standard GMail, Yahoo!, hotmail etc. account. For example is it (for the most part) not possible to have an e-mail address like [email protected] usually you would have to accept having something like [email protected] not only is it longer, it also seems less professional (that of course is generally spoken). instead I can now have an e-mail address such as [email protected] Another thing is that Google also allows me to use my domain as a part of the URL that I write down to visit Googles services (such as GMail, Google Docs, Google Sites, etc.). that means that when I for example want to use Google docs or GMail I just have to visit mail.mydomain.com or docs.mydomain.com.
  • Use it with Google services. – Of course it is great that you can let Google take care of your e-mail system. but they do also deliver other great services such as Google docs which is a great office suite that does not require a local installation on your hard drive since all the software runs in your browser. Google also supplies with apps like Google Sites, Google calendar, etc. again and all of these apps run in your browser. that means that you do not waste up unnecessary hard drive space and you do not have to update the apps since Google takes care of that automatically.
  • Collaborate (without installation). – Another thing about “Google apps for your domain” is the great collaboration features. For instance, I could make a document in Google docs that someone else could edit at another point in time. This might not sound as a big deal since you could manually send the document to those that you are collaborating with. But Google apps takes care of that automatically. And if you wish for even more features you can also chat with those who are editing your document. Right from within your document!
  • It is free. – Google apps does not cost a dollar at all. Of course it requires you to purchase some kind of domain but that is usually fairly cheap. I pay around 7 dollars a year for my domain at www.cheapdomain.com. But Goolge themselves does not charge anything at all for this valuable service.
  • It is secure. – Yes, Google apps delivers a lot of secure things like a great spam-filter and anti-fishing in GMail. But what i find really secure is the fact that Googles servers take care of my e-mail, etc. and then also the fact that I use my own domain for my e-mail etc.. Googles servers are so fast and are almost never down (not working). that means that I am almost sure to get my e-mail as fast as possible. And since I can use my own domain name for my e-mail address I also know that if Google cancels my account then I can just use another e-mail service without changing my e-mail address. if my e-mail address were [email protected] and Google banned the account I would have lost the e-mail address forever.

Have you ever Been Cybersquatted?

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When I went to register Lockergnome years ago using GoDaddy, I was worried someone else would get it. There are people out there who purchase domain names that they feel will be a hot commodity, and then sit on them… or sell them for high amounts of money. This is called Cybersquatting. What is Cybersquatting, you ask? Cybersquatting is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. The cybersquatter then offers to sell the domain to the person or company who owns a trademark contained within the name at an inflated price.

The term is derived from “squatting,” which is the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied space or building that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have permission to use. Cybersquatting however, is a bit different in that the domain names that are being “squatted” are (sometimes but not always) being paid for through the registration process by the Cybersquatters. Cybersquatters usually ask for prices far greater than that at which they purchased it. Some cybersquatters put up derogatory remarks about the person or company the domain is meant to represent in an effort to encourage the subject to buy the domain from them. Others post paid links via Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and other paid advertising networks to the actual site that the user likely wanted, thus monetizing their squatting. As with many controversial issues, some argue that the dividing line of cybersquatting is difficult to draw, or that the practice is consistent with a capitalistic and free market ethos.

When was the last time you tried to look up a website to see if it’s available? Some people swear that if you do these lookups using a service like GoDaddy, a Cybersquatter will zap up the domain you want. Why don’t you just open a browser, and type in the URL of the site you’re thinking of buying? If you go to a website, you know it’s already taken. If it takes you nowhere… you know it should be available for you to buy!


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Web Hosting

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There are a million places out there to buy your web hosting from. How do you know which is the right choice for you? What things should you keep in mind when choosing? These tips sent in by a community member should help ease your mind a bit.

  • Don’t buy what you don’t need. When buying a product, you buy it for what you want it to do, right? Hosting is no different. If it’s going to be an image hoster, why do you want a phpBB Board, or MediaWiki included? Consider how much traffic you expect to get, and look around.
  • Don’t be afraid to move your hosting around often. If there’s a better offer around in the short run, chances are you’re best taking it because by the time you roll around to needing to pay for hosting, you’ll still find some options which, for one year, are either hysterically cheap, or just plain free.
  • Look on the internet for voucher codes. If you think you’ve found the host for you, looked at their reputation, and decided ‘Yes, that’s who I want to go with’… take a look at their competitors again. A prime example of this is Dreamhost; their voucher codes can turn $100+ a year into $20 for the first year, with a domain name included.
  • If you’re getting free email, USE IT IF YOU CAN. Too many people still use hotmail addresses when they have hosting that provides them with email addresses. If you’re making a small business venture, a domain-name based address will say a lot more about your professionality than a hotmail, yahoo or aol email. I personally have one for Mail, MSN, Ebay and my Wii, so as to filter the unnecessary stuff as much as possible.
  • Always pay for your hosting up front initially. There’s nothing worse than changing providers and then realizing that your subscription payment is still recurring. Not only does it cause stress, but the problems that arise while getting the money back can make you wish you never tried them.

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Do I Really Own My Own Domain Name?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – GoDaddy is one sponsor for the live and recorded videos I do. By entering coupon code ‘Chris1’ at checkout, you can save 10%. Yes, I bring this up for a reason. Jeremy wrote in and wondered if when you buy a domain name, is it really yours? Do you really own it, and what can you do with it?

Yes. When you buy your domain name through GoDaddy or any other site, you in effect own that name. Unless you do something illegal with the domain or are infringing on a Copyright, the domain is yours to do with as you wish.

You can use whatever name you wish to put on the registration info that will be made public. However, make sure that you put a few layers of security between yourself and the outside world. Not long ago, I recorded a video about domain name privacy to help you establish this security.

There’s also an interview I did awhile back about selling a domain. I don’t recommend selling it on your own. Use a Domain Broker in order to protect yourself, and make sure that all your ducks are in a row.

Last piece of advice: always register and re-register (renew) your domain names using the same site/service when possible. You may actually receive junk snail mail at the address you used to register the domain(s) with. You’ll get offers galore, and many of them are not legit. Be careful, and always do your research.

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Domain Name Whois Registration Privacy

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Clint asks “Is it a good investment to block personal info from a whois lookup to see that I own the site. We tell our kids how dangerous it is to put personal info out there; does it apply to adults? My name, phone number and home address is out there for the world to see. What is safe to put out there? I just dont know what content to include, and what to omit.”

When I registered my first domain, there were no privacy or anonymity options available. Thankfully, back then I had enough of a privacy layer to protect myself. Having that layer is crucial.

For a business address (especially when you work from home), you should invest in a PO Box, or some type of mail pickup location. It doesn’t cost that much, and provides one layer of security between yourself and the outside world.

For a phone number, I recomend using a disposable number. By disposable, I mean one that is not tied to your home phone. I personally have my 888-pirillo number that I use through Vonage. It’s not tied to any physical phone, and when I want to open it up to take actual live calls, I can. This is another layer of that privacy.

By ‘whois lookup’, Clint is referring to someone finding out who or what a particular domain name is registered to. When you buy a domain name, you would need to enter the whois information. Using an email account set up for only this purpose, and having that separate address and phone number are both ways to protect yourself. Domain registration sites now offer extra protection by allowing you to keep most of your information private. It may cost a little more, but is certainly worth the extra expense.

Always keep yourself safe. You have to be careful when sharing any kind of information. Take the extra time and steps necessary to ensure your information and life are kept as private as you would like them to be.

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Free Or Cheap Web Hosting

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Sad to say, there really is no “free” hosting if you want to own your Web site. You can buy your own domain name and secure reliable hosting at very good prices, though. Our sponsor GoDaddy provides domain purchasing services, as well as helping you to obtain hosting.

In order to actually own your own Web site, you must do two things. First, you must buy your domain name. This is what the name of your site will be. For instance, lockergnome.com is the name of one of my sites. If you visit our live chat, you can now use the GoDaddy bot. Simply type an exclamation mark, and the name of the site you want. You will then be given a clickable link within the chat room that will take you right to GoDaddy’s checkout. There are other sites, of course, where you can purchase a domain name. What sites have you used – or do you use – to buy yours?

The second thing you have to do is to get Web hosting. There are many good companies out there to choose from, with excellent pricing. Since you can take your domain name with you wherever you go, the market is highly competitive for hosting services. Since I have several sites that attract a lot of people, I choose to go the route of buying my own servers. This is something to look into for high traffic sites, but not for an average user. One reliable and inexpensive hosting company that I’ve used in the past is Laughing Squid. Our friend Scott there does an excellent job with photography, as well.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your Web hosting company. What does it charge? Does it have good customer service? Would you recommend it to our other visitors?

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