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TypeWith.me is for You

For the most part, I’m addicted to software, hardware, and the Internet. Every so often, I learn about something that I want to share with the world – that’s why Lockergnome was created (way back when). I like having fun – like with http://funicode.com/ – but I also like being productive with my time.

A while ago, someone sent me a link to a service called “EtherPad.” Essentially, it’s an ad hoc document collaboration tool that’s easy to use (without requiring user registration). Google soon acquired the company to better integrate their ideas into Wave – and the future of EtherPad was questionable. They were allowed to release the source code for anybody to use, and so I asked my friends to help get this going…


Go ahead. Try it. Start a new document:


You’ll be whisked away to a unique URL which you can then share with friends, colleagues, co-workers, or anybody else who you might wish to collaborate with on-the-spot. It’s perfect for meetings, classes, lectures, conferences, or any scenario which might require you to journal thoughts and ideas with others without hassle.


What Does the Tech Future Hold?

While writing about the astronauts tweeting from space earlier tonight, I couldn’t help but think about other technology breakthroughs that could be coming sooner than we think. Even five years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed that we’d have people out in space sending real-time messages to us here on Earth via an instant-messaging type of communication such as Twitter.

Heck, five years ago we thought that “someday” we would have a black President. We figured maybe “one day” we would see cell phones that actually let us DO things. It seems to me as though “someday” is here much sooner than we figured.

What other things do you feel that we may see come to fruition sooner than we previously thought? What other ground-breaking news have you read today?!

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Compare Documents

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It’s the middle of the school year, and many of you are busy writing papers for various classes. Let’s say you have two documents, and you need to compare the text in them against each other. Heck, let’s say you need to add yet another document into the mix! That could get to be a pain. You can just use Compare My Docs. Choose your documents and let the website point out comparisons for you! Why should you have to do all of the hard work? Editing is tedious and takes up far too much time for all of us.

Once you’ve uploaded your documents, you’ll be presented with different versions of the same document, side-by-side, right in your browser. You can compare and edit your pages to your heart’s content. The site will suggest changes for you, and give you options as to what you want to do. You can tell the browser to ignore suggested changes, replace words or lines and even rearrange a sentence to make it flow better.

This is meant for the same document, such as different revisions of something that you’re working on. You can compare, recombine, and merge your document revisions with ease. This is going to make work and school SO much easier, y’all. You never have to switch between pages in a browser or your text editor again. You can create, edit, compare and finalize your papers quickly without all of the headaches associated previously.

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Google Docs Spam?!

Heh. I just got a piece of comment spam. No big deal, other than the hyperlinks included within seem benign on the surface:

  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_0fzhnr7
  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_29mb42b
  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_3fpcbcz
  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_4cfmjkx
Google Docs Spam!?

Go ahead, try one of ’em. For the moment, you’ll be sent to a sparse page that shows nothing but a centered text advertisement. They’re legit Google Docs – but would this be considered a Google Documents exploit? It’s bad enough I’ve gotta run spam filters on my email – do I have to start watching out for spam documents and spreadsheets, too?