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To Partition or Not to Partition

When it comes to partitioning your computer, there are really two schools of thought. Some people see no need to partition. The opposite camp views partitioning as a valuable tool for organizing, for security and for overall efficiency. Many of our readers are on the side of partitioning and the following argument will support that position.

One of the best arguments on the side of partitioning was given by Mitch Tulloch, in an article for Microsoft. The three major points that Mitch bases his argument on are:

  • Partitioning organizes work.
  • Partitioning safeguards the data.
  • Partitioning increases the computer’s performance.

One of the points is that Mitch makes is: “At the end of each month I copy last month’s Archive subfolders to CD, label it by date, and put it somewhere safe. That way I have last month’s backup ready if both my hard disks fail from a lightning bolt hitting my office, or my computer is infected with a virus, or a thief steals my computer.” Needless to say, the security programs should be run to make certain that the back-up is not infected.

Acronis Disk Director Suite is one of the most popular and well used partitioning programs. It has won industry recommendations and users’ praise.

The Acronis Disk Director Suite is easy to use and effective. It supports Windows (NT 4, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista). And, until December 9, 2009, the Acronis people are offering our readers an amazing thirty per cent (30%) discount.

This program is a CNET Editors’ Choice Award winner: “A suite of utilities that will keep your hard disk healthy. An excellent set of tools that will allow you to keep your hard disk healthy and organised.” The Acronis Disk Director Suite has had many third party reviews and it has been top rated. – Thanks to the Acronis people for the generous offering for our readers.