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iPad Screen Saver

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Even when I’m not using my iPad, I can enjoy it. As you can see, a handful of pictures of Wicket and Pixie are floating through. This is a feature that is built in to the iPad, specifically when you’re not using it. This is – undoubtedly – THE best photo frame that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

It’s quite easy to enable this feature. Tap the Sleep/Wake button to lock your iPad. Now, tap the Flower icon in the lower right corner. Your iPad is now showing off your favorite photos. To pause the slideshow you just need to tap your screen.

If you go into the Picture Frames options, you’ll find several different things you can adjust. Choose the “dissolve” transition if you want. Decide which albums you want to show off. You can even zoom in on faces and shuffle if you like.

This is absolutely stunning. Despite the screen attracting fingerprints… it truly is amazing. This is definitely one of my favorite features on the iPad.

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eStarling Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame Review

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I’ve had a couple of eStarling digital frames in the past, and been very happy with them. When the folks at eStarling sent me their newest product to review, I was more than happy to take a look – especially since it features a touchscreen! The frame also boasts 802.n networking capability, and automatic firmware updates.

The eStarling TouchConnect Digital Photo frame has a 10.2″ LCD screen, which allows you to see your pictures with nice clarity. There is 2GB of built-in Flash memory, with the ability to add an external SD memory card for more storage. Using the touchscreen, you can quickly set up wireless connection and passwords.

Probably the coolest part of this frame is the social aspect. Yes, you can pull in photos from places such as Flickr, Facebook and Picasa – much like with other similar frames. However, with the TouchConnect, you can grab photos right from within your Gmail.

Provide the credentials of any Gmail account that you choose, and let the TouchConnect do the rest. Forward your photos to that email account, and they’ll show up in your picture frame. Likewise, you can email the photos from your cellphone directly to the frame, as well!

Also, subscribe to any photo RSS feed that interests you, and those pictures will automagically show up on the TouchConnect, as well. Send the RSS feed in question to the Gmail account that you set up with the frame, and they will be fed directly onto the screen.

I have to thank the folks at eStarling again for sending this to me to take a look at. I’ll go a step further than just reviewing it – I’ll be keeping this little gadget right on my desk here in my home office.

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Who Makes Your Digital Picture Frame?

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In front of me is the first digital picture frame I ever owned. It cost $350.00, and didn’t even have Internet connectivity. The reason why I liked this particular frame back when I bought it was that it looked good, and worked well. So why am I bringing this up? D-Link asked me if I’d like to review their new 10″ Wireless Internet Photo Frame. Well, sure!

With the Internet Photo Frame you can finally display all of those digital photos you have sitting untouched in your PC. Don’t let all those wonderful memories collect dust on your hard drive where no one will ever see them again. Display the DSM-210 in your living room and let guests see photos from your latest vacation, holiday, or other family outing.

Send the DSM-210 as a gift to your family and loved ones. Then share your latest photos with them through popular photo sharing sites such as Flickr™, Picasa®, Facebook®, FrameChannel™, and more. You can also use the Internet Photo Frame to subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds. Get the latest news, stock updates, sports scores, clock, calendar, weather conditions, and more directly on your frame.

With the Internet Photo Frame you won’t be tied to simply using a memory card to upload new photos. Use the convenience of your home network to get new photos using a wired Ethernet connection or the DSM-210’s built-in wireless connection. Wireless setup is made even easier using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup™). Simply push the WPS button on the frame and then on your compatible router to connect.

I don’t usually give ratings on things that I review, but this is an excellent little gadget. If you’re looking for a frame that you can use and not have to worry much about, this is it. You’ll be very happy with this offering from D-Link, I believe.


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eStarling Digital Picture Frame Unboxing

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The last digital picture frame I had started off great. Over time, the software just didn’t do the things I needed it to. I decided to give eStarling’s new frame a try. If it lives up to the advertising, it’s going to be excellent.

The new eStarling WiFi Digital Picture Frames appear to be a huge improvement over their old counterparts. Initially, their products weren’t that great, and failed miserably in the software department. When I stumbled across a post the other day mentioning the new version eStarling has put out, I decided to give it a try.


Unwrapping the package, I sincerely hope it lives up to the hype. This frame is excellent looking. It’s very slim and sleek, with a glossy black frame. They’ve taken the eStarling logo off the front, which made their previous offerings appear cheesy. The controls on the back of the frame are well-labeled for ease-of-use. Some of the promises from the box include:

  • Unique email address assigned to the frame to allow users to email pictures directly
  • Multiple RSS feeds allowed
  • Web-to-Frame capability
  • Email-to-Frame capability
  • Ability to send email and RSS feeds from the frame across the Web

If it does all this, I’m going to be one happy geek, for sure. Stay tuned for the product review!

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