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Tiffany Diamond Earrings

The ol’ song says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I believe that the entire diamond industry is a racket, and I can’t wait for synthetic diamonds to sweep in and drive prices down. I’m sure our female faves will still lust after the real thing. Nobody’s going to ask you if the diamonds are artificial or not, and if they even have to ask – they can’t see the difference, anyway! We’re not talking about cubic zirconia here. The man-made diamond trade is long overdue for men in love with women in love with diamonds.

Ponzi sang happy birthday to herself this morning. Of course, she does that every morning – but she really means it every year on August 1st. I was using our new digital megastore to search for diamond earrings. I found a few that I really liked – and from that list, I went seeking a local Tiffany’s store. She’s wanted diamond earrings from the dawn of time, ya know.

Ponzi's Birthday Diamond Earrings (1)Ponzi's Birthday Diamond Earrings (2)They’re not gigantic, but Ponzi’s now the proud owner of a pair of diamond earrings from Tiffany’s. They really sparkle, man. Great cut, great clarity, great color – and “great” won’t begin to describe the bill we’re going to see from the credit card company at the end of the month. Oy!