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What is the Best Twitter Client?

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Marques has created another screencast for us. This time, he is showing off an Adobe Air Twitter client called DestroyTwitter.

This client has an unbelievably light footprint. The installer is under 1mb in size, and the memory usage can run as low as 25mb. That’s nearly unheard of, especially for something that packs in so many features.

One cool thing that I really like about DestroyTwitter is the filtering options. If you’re sick of seeing those checkins, why not filter out everything coming from Foursquare or Gowalla? If a friend is attending an event you really don’t want to hear about, filter out the hashtag or event name to remove them from the stream while still seeing everything else your friend has to say.

DestroyTwitter is a Twitter client, not an every-social-network-in-the-world client. Because of this, the UI is focused—not cluttered with unwanted services.

I like that! If I wanted to see every other social network, I’d get a client for that. There are many times, though, that I only want to see Twitter. There are many people, also, who always only want to see Twitter.

There are several nice features built into DestroyTwitter to give you an overall better user experience. Change the font size or icons. Choose between six different notification sounds – or turn them off completely. Read up to 200 tweets every thirty seconds. (If you can do that – color me impressed!)

Another excellent feature is the username auto-complete. You don’t have to memorize everyone’s Twitter handle – just the first few letters. How cool is that?

Thanks, Marques, for another excellent screencast.

What is the best desktop Twitter client out there?

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