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Which is Better: USB Basketball or Real Basketball?

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I’m really not a sports fan at all. I am, however, a fan of USB gadgets. By default, that makes me a fan of USB Desktop Dunk. As always, if you’re interested in buying this ThinkGeek gadget, check with me for a coupon first!

It’s actually not so easy to bounce the mini basketballs off of your desk and into the hoop. But with a little practice, you can be a pro in no time. You can turn the sound off or on, allowing it to simulate game crowd noise. It will also keep score for you, so you can play against others to see who is the best.

It comes with four little bouncy balls that you can use to play. I had to demo the game for you all in this video. It quickly became apparent that I’m no basketball player. Even from within free-throw territory, I couldn’t really make many baskets. That’s ok… it’s still fun. Ok, so I lost all the balls when they overshot the basket, and landed on the floor. But geez. Do you have to rub it in?

If you’ve always wanted to have your own hoop, this takes very little space. It doesn’t need an electrical cord – it’s powered by USB. You can play for two minutes at a time, or set it to unlimited play. The biggest problem with this toy is keeping track of the balls. They’re pretty small, so it’s easy to lose them.

Let me know of any other cool USB toys and gadgets that I may need to add to my collection.

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