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$88 5" Android Tablet: Acorp EM501R

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Heard about the $500+ Dell Streak Android Tablet? This is similar but is to be sold at only $88 (for distributors buying at least 1000 pieces). This is the Acorp 5″ Rockchip 600mhz ARM9 based Android tablet. This sized tablet fits just fine in most pockets and provides better view of web browser, video and apps.

This video was filmed by Charbax at Computex 2010 in Taipei Taiwan.

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Unlock Your Hotel Room with Your Cell Phone

I hate traveling. I love the places that I visit and the people I interact with when I get there. It’s the actual travel part that gets to me every time. There’s always such a rush to do everything, you know? Checking into my hotels is probably my least favorite task. God love ’em for what they do, but the desk clerks always make me batty. They’re always so helpful and happy. I know, it’s a good thing that they’re good at what they do. But when I check in, I’m usually frazzled and just want to pass out on my bed. Like all of you, though, I have to stand in line and then go through the entire process while talking to someone who is entirely too perky. InterContinental Hotels understands my frustrations, and is working on a plan to change things drastically.

Next month, InterContinental Hotels Group will start testing new technology at two of their Holiday Inn locations which allows guests to use their smartphones to unlock the doors to their rooms.

IHG exec Bryson Koehler thinks that the phones may be the perfect answer for weary (and harried) travelers. “The proliferation of smartphones is growing in such a way that we have to look at what people are already bringing with them to make their stay more enjoyable,” he said. “We don’t need to burden people with additional items; it just clutters up their lives. The beauty of the smart phone is that they’ve already got it.”

The test will begin in June at the Holiday Inn Chicago O’ Hare Rosemont and the Holiday Inn Express Houston Downtown Convention Center. To join the trial, participants will need to download an Open Ways app to their phone. Guests will call up the confirmation email on their screen and hold it up to a sensor on the door which will automagically unlock it.

What are your thoughts on this? If you have a smartphone and travel often, is this something you feel you would take advantage of?

You won’t need a smartphone OR a hotel stay to grab the hottest software and apps for your computers and mobile devices.

Dell Streak Tablet Computer Will Hit Stores This Summer

We first heard of the Dell Streak tablet computer in January during the Consumer Electronics Show. Today, Dell has officially announced that the device will be available this summer. Additionally, the company says that the tablet will get an upgrade to Android 2.2 with Flash later this year. The Streak will launch in the UK early in June and the U.S. later this summer. Dell didn’t provide specific launch dates for either country, nor pricing and carrier details.

The Streak will have a 5 inch WVGA touchscreen, a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and 2GB of internal storage. There will be a maximum allowable 32 GB of external SD storage, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and a front-facing camera for video recording. The Streak will come equipped with 3G capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options.

Dell is hoping to attract consumers who need a bigger screen than most phones carry – yet is smaller than a netbook. “There’s several places where a smartphone isn’t enough,” Neeraj Choubey, Dell’s general manager for tablet devices, said recently on the Direct2Dell Web site. “I think many users will see it as a useful media consumption device.” The Streak has been referred to as a tablet computer, but it’s much smaller than what you would think a tablet should be. However, Dell IS also reportedly working on larger versions which will boast seven to ten inch screens.

It’s possible that the Dell Streak may hit that sweet spot between phones and large-screen devices (such as the iPad). According to Ron Garriques, president of the Dell Communication Solutions Group, “Its unique size provides people new ways to enjoy, connect, and navigate their lives.”