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Deck The Dorm

CharlB is a Lockergnome member who is starting college this fall. He has already bought all of the traditional needed items for his dorm room. Now, he’s looking for some fun suggestions. One commenter suggested a Nerf Cannon – and that set my mind to reeling. I couldn’t resist coming up with a few ideas of my own!

You’ll likely have a small fridge in the room. Why can’t you have a drink cooler right on your desk, as well?

Boring overhead lights are boring. Jazz up your space with R2-D2 string lights. These are on my must-have list for my home office, by the way.

How many times have you wanted to scream STFU!! to your roomie? Control the urge by hugging the pillow tight – with the saying pointed straight at him or her.

Make a statement about the illegality of stealing your Internets – or loudly assuage your guilty conscience with this sign.

Forget the office – these are going in my bedroom, dude! Tetris right on the wall! How freaking awesome is that?

What other fun and funky must-haves are floating around out there, just waiting to land in some college kid’s dorm room?

My Mac OS X Dock

My Mac OS X Dock

You might have seen me visiting the Throwboy.com factory the other day (it was streamed live, then I uploaded my pillow interview to YouTube). I can think of a few reasons you’d want these pillows somewhere in your home:

  1. You’re a geek.
  2. You’re not a geek, but you’re trying to appeal to your partner (who is a geek).
  3. You love Apple.
  4. You don’t love Apple, but you need conversation starters for your next party.
  5. You want to make people think that you love Apple.
  6. You use Mac OS X.
  7. You don’t use Mac OS X, but you want to make people think that you use Mac OS X.