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The Best iPhone App Ever – Star Wars: Trench Run

I’m a Star Wars addict. I’m also an iPhone app addict. Imagine, then, what my dream app could possibly be. That’s right… a Star Wars app. The makers of Star Wars: Trench Run have made me a very happy boy, indeed. This game is phenomenal! I literally stayed up nearly all night playing it. I’m old, you know, so staying up all night isn’t a very good idea. In any case, the tiredness I felt the next day was absolutely worth it.

The game gives you the chance to relive key scenes from the original movie surrounding the destruction of the Death Star by rebel forces. You will use the Force to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire. As part of the Rebel Alliance’s Red Squadron, you will fight TIE fighters above the Death Star’s surface. Then, you’ll head into a trench to be inundated by cannon fire. Stay out of Darth Vader’s sight as he tries to gun you down before you can fire proton torpedoes into the thermal exhaust port. If you are successful, a direct hit will cause a chain reaction – destroying the Death Star and making you a hero.

I’ve seen a few negative reviews about this game, but I have to respectfully disagree with them. I happen to love it, and will be playing it over and over – and over and over and over!

iPad Death Star Announcement

Everyone loves a good mashup. This one that I found courtesy of TUAW is one of the better ones.

Adam Buxton has created the perfect mashup by throwing the iPad announcement by Steve Jobs on top of some Death Star footage. His video description is simple, but tells such a huge story: “A long time ago, in a galaxy blah blah away… Big Jobs does his best to convince a skeptical Rebel Alliance that the i-Pad really is a game changer.”

Adam did an excellent job with this mashup. If you’ve seen others that you feel we should place here on our blog, let us know. Heck, maybe this will inspire you to try your hand at creating one of these yourself. If you do, be sure to share it with the community.


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The LEGO AT-AT is the All-Terrain Armored Transport, seen in Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back. This is actually my third major LEGO build. The first was the Star Destroyer, which was given to me by a friend. The second was the Death Star, which friends helped me build a few months ago on my birthday. The coolest thing about the AT-AT is that it is motorized! Just flip a switch and watch it take off across your room. I happen to think it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. I’m just not so sure that Pixie would agree.

[awsbullet:LEGO AT-AT]

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My Birthday Present: Building the LEGO Death Star

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About a year ago, I bought myself a LEGO Death Star. I never have put it together, since I know it’s going to be a huge undertaking for any one person alone. I decided to invite a few friends over to help me build it for my birthday this year!

It’s a 3800-piece Special Edition kit, and I never even opened the box. I did do the unboxing for you all on the camera, so I’m sure you’ll want to check that out.

Mona is one of the friends helping me with this build, and was also the one who was holding the camera for this particular video. She doesn’t really care so much about the Death Star. She’s interested in the Minifigs. She has this odd obsession with Chewie, and her reaction to looking at the Minifigs on the box was a hearty: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG (you get the drift). They’re cute, I suppose. But I’m a guy. I’m into the Death Star itself – and the Darth Vader Minifig, of course.

I originally uploaded this video to YouTube the day before my birthday, in the hopes that everyone would join us live to watch us working on building the Death Star. We had well over 1000 people watching at several times throughout the day, and that was great!

Thank you everyone who joined us live on Sunday, and special thanks to all of you who stopped by to help me build!

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LEGO Unboxing

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When was the last time you played with LEGO? What did you build, and did you keep your creation? I bought myself a LEGO Death Star kit for my birthday last year. I never have put it together, because I knew it was a massive undertaking. However, I had friends over for my birthday this year to help me with the build! I know I’m not the only one – do you still build with LEGO?

When I got up this morning, there were over 700 people watching my empty desk! They were waiting with baited breath for me to start unboxing! You might remember when I built the LEGO Star Destroyer that my friend Datalore bought me last year. Sadly, this unboxing isn’t going to be very exciting. There are just instructions and bags of little LEGO parts in there. The excitement will come with the actual building.

There are 3800 pieces in this kit! Holy cow that’s a lot of LEGO Bricks!! I know my friend Mona is excited over the little Chewie figurine, and can’t wait to see it. The manual is huge – it has tons of pictures and pages. I think it’s as tall as me!

Inside of the main box, there were a few smaller boxes. Inside of those boxes are tons of little baggies full of little LEGO bricks! Holy cow the baggies aren’t numbered. I know right now it’s going to take a long time to get this thing built. The Star Destroyer had numbers on the bags, which made it MUCH easier! Argh!

What do you think? How long do you think it will take us to get this thing built?

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Happy Birthday Video

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When is your birthday? Mine was on Sunday, and a I had a few friends over to celebrate. We had some excellent food, great conversation – and tons of fun working on building my LEGO Death Star. What’s your most memorable birthday? What about your ideal birthday? I have to say this was definitely my ideal for a perfect celebration.

I was joined by a few friends for this auspicious occasion. Michelle has done a few game review videos for us recently, so I’m sure you remember her. Mona has been helping me and the rest of the team put things together for Gnomedex. Ellen is another friend who stopped by for a few hours.

And of course, I was lucky to have my friend Traci lead the birthday singing via Skype! Doesn’t she have an amazing voice?!

I won’t be telling all of you what I wished for, because then it won’t come true. Let’s just say… if it does, it’ll be awesome!

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Would You Like to Build the LEGO Death Star with Me?

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I am addicted to LEGO. I have been since I was a kid. I’m also addicted to Star Wars! So, it was a no-brainer that I would rush to buy myself the LEGO Death Star. (LEGO has it on sale right now for $199.99!) However, this thing is just huge, with a bazillion pieces. BrickCon is beginning on October 1st. That’s not very far away. I want to get this built before then. Do you want to help me? There’s no way I could get it ready in time on my own.

If you’re an actual friend of mine, check out my Yahoo Event page. I’m not going to allow just anyone into my home, so make sure you’re someone I actually know. No offense to anyone, but realize that I have to protect my safety, my home and my family.

I’m building the LEGO Death Star. While you’re free to RSVP or watch this event, I will only be inviting a handful of people over to my home to build it with me. The hope is to have ‘er done possibly in time to show it off at Brickcon at the end of the week.

If you’d like to help build this in person with the rest of us, sign up here. I will select and contact the participants manually, so don’t ask. 🙂

Chances are, I’ll only select locals – because I’m not going to house anybody. It would be helpful if you threw into the kitty for food and beverage throughout the building process, which may go on 24/7 until complete.

So if you qualify, and will be in the area… let me know if you want to hang out and help build the Death Star!


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