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How to Become Darth Vader

You can BE Lord Vader if you pay the right price at Christie’s Auction House in London. Christie’s is selling an original Darth Vader costume from the “Star Wars” movie franchise. The costume was made for “The Empire Strikes Back,” which was released in 1980.

The sale will take place on November 25th, and has been offered up for bid by a private collector in the United States. Rumor has it that the ensemble will fetch upwards of $300,000 US dollars.

How badly do you want The Force to be with you? Would you be willing to pay this kind of money for a costume worn in a movie – even if it IS a part of every geek’s history?

What Do Stormtroopers Eat?

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One of you out there wanted to know what Stormtroopers eat. I decided to record this video just for you. Nothing is scripted… it happened just as you see here.

And yes – Vader is most definitely an ass.

You can email your questions to Ask a Stormtrooper. Perhaps they will be featured in an upcoming video segment.

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The Best iPhone App Ever – Star Wars: Trench Run

I’m a Star Wars addict. I’m also an iPhone app addict. Imagine, then, what my dream app could possibly be. That’s right… a Star Wars app. The makers of Star Wars: Trench Run have made me a very happy boy, indeed. This game is phenomenal! I literally stayed up nearly all night playing it. I’m old, you know, so staying up all night isn’t a very good idea. In any case, the tiredness I felt the next day was absolutely worth it.

The game gives you the chance to relive key scenes from the original movie surrounding the destruction of the Death Star by rebel forces. You will use the Force to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire. As part of the Rebel Alliance’s Red Squadron, you will fight TIE fighters above the Death Star’s surface. Then, you’ll head into a trench to be inundated by cannon fire. Stay out of Darth Vader’s sight as he tries to gun you down before you can fire proton torpedoes into the thermal exhaust port. If you are successful, a direct hit will cause a chain reaction – destroying the Death Star and making you a hero.

I’ve seen a few negative reviews about this game, but I have to respectfully disagree with them. I happen to love it, and will be playing it over and over – and over and over and over!

Exclusive News: Darth Vader Reveals His Long-Lost (Geeky) Son

For my birthday today, my friend Carol Tran (of Chic Meets Geek fame) contacted Lord Vader on my behalf. Imagine my surprise when I found out I am apparently his long-lost son! I’m not sure whether we should tell my parents about this or not. Darth says that my voice really is as low as his when I want it to be. I’ll have to work on that.

Chic Meets Geek will be putting on an event here in Seattle next month as a part of Geek Week. Chic Meets Geeks is an event designed to bridge the social gap between the cultural chic and intellectual geeks. It is similar to a conference, but with a social atmosphere. Since this event will be a day before Gnomedex, it is “light” version of the actual Chic Meets Geek events. However, there will still be a surprise geek and/or chic celebrity guest who may be appearing at the event. Names will be announced when the date is approaching.

A full version of Chic Meets Geek provides a gathering of two different groups in one room to inspire, share, and connect through a panel of geek and chic influential leaders to talk about their inspirational background. A nonprofit beneficiary is highlighted at every ChicMeetsGeekâ„¢ event and themed around the speaker panelists’ expertise to bridge the gap. Since this is a “light” version of a Chic Meets Geek event, there will be a geek and/or chic celebrity guest, instead of a large panel of speakers, who will give a short inspirational speech. This Seattle event is a celebration of geeks, chic, and gnomes!

ChicMeetsGeek is a user experience. The event presents distinct elements found at a red carpet gala and tech conference in one room. The event challenges the attendees with thought-provoking ideas and situations, in order to inspire good. It’s a power networking meets cocktail event for the extroverts to the wallflowers.

Thanks for putting me in touch with my father, Carol!

Darth Vader Robbed a Bank!

Say it ain’t so!! The Empire must be victims of the economy in a very big way. At about 11:30am this morning, Darth Vader robbed a branch of Chase bank on Long Island. He was brandishing a gun… why the hell he didn’t use one of his more awesome weapons, I’ll never figure out. The poor teller had no choice but to turn over an as-yet undisclosed amount of cash before Vader fled the scene.

Eyewitnesses claim that he was wearing a pair of cargo pants underneath his cloak. Seriously? There’s no way he’d wear something such as that. They must need to have their eyes checked. I could see him with some black jeans, perhaps, but cargo pants? No matter what he was wearing, it doesn’t change the fact that I will never look at one of my Vader action figures in quite the same way again.

You won’t find any masked bandits running around when you head over to our download center. All you’ll be faced with are decisions as to which software you need the most!

How to Make an Action Figure With Your Own Face

I collected all sorts of action figures when I was a kid. My first was the Star Wars AT AT. There were also a lot of GI-Joe figurines lying about our house at any given time when I was little. As an adult, I collect Darth Vader figurines and LEGO mini-figs. I’d probably embarrass myself if I showed you how many of those things I have.

Several months ago, someone reached out to me and asked if I wanted to create an action figure of myself. I had to take photos of my face and upload them to the web. They created this head out of resin which can be stuck onto virtually any action figure I want.

You can order my action figure head for yourself, or get one made with YOUR face on it. I’m not making anything from these, so let’s not go off on that particular tangent. This is just something that’s a lot of fun that I wanted to pass along to the community.

These things are a lot of fun to play with. You can place the heads on any figure, as I said. However, if you want to order a body from them, they do a really good job. They are so life-like. They got my pecs and my six pack correct.

Have fun with my head, or with your own!

Christian Bale's Rant Vs. Darth Vader

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The Awesomer truly is… well… awesome. There just isn’t any other word for it that works. I find myself spending far too much time there and laughing like a hyena.

Christian Bale’s original rant on the set of Terminator: Savlation is now legendary. I thought briefly about posting the video here. However, the language is too vulgar even for me. If you have never seen it, it’s pretty easy to find on YouTube. There is nothing to say about his moments of madness other than “Hey asshole, grow up and get a life”.

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Star Wars Games

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As you know, I am obsessed with Star Wars. I decided to buy myself this book for Christmas, since I’m a single adult. Santa doesn’t visit my house unless I make him visit! In any case, I love Star Wars. This trivia book is interactive, and something that will bring me hours (and HOURS!) of enjoyment!

The Obsessed with Star Wars: Test Your Knowledge of a Galaxy Far, Far Away book is an absolute hoot. We begin the adventure by pressing a button, which gives us a question to take a look at. Flip the book open, and find the right question. Read it, and choose your answer.

Choose your answer on the interactive scoring device, and if you are correct it will ding at you! If you are wrong, Darth Vader will vaporize you! Okay, Darth doesn’t really show up. But wouldn’t that be pretty awesome! If you’re incorrect, the device buzzes at you.

There are 2500 trivia questions inside this book, so you’ll not run out of trivia any time soon. If you do, then maybe you’re much more of a Trekkie than I could ever hope to be.

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Toledo Vader

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I bet you never knew that Darth Vader had an evil brother named Toledo, did you? And I also bet you didn’t know that Toledo Vader is so infamous that he has a road named after him. It’s quite true, I assure you. Toledo Vader Road is found right here in Washington, and leads to a town named after him!

I love to travel, and I love to drive. What I really love is to find silly things along the way that helps make the trip less monotonous. I have been known to play every variation of the license plate game you could possibly think of. I look for animals in the clouds as they float across the sky. I make up new lyrics to old songs I’ve heard a million times – and the new words often don’t make any sense at all.

Travel companions have often remarked that I’m fun to ride with. I make the most out of every trip I take, whether it’s just a zip into the supermarket or halfway across the country. I don’t bother trying to work, other than to leave myself voice notes on the iPhone whenever a post idea pops into my head. Instead, I choose to relax and let myself just drift along and have fun. I don’t get to do that very often, so it’s a nice change of pace.

When was the last time you really paid attention to your surroundings as you drove? Sure, you watch what other drivers are doing, read the road signs and obey the traffic signals. But do you take the time to truly absorb what’s around you? How beautiful are those birds flocked alongside the road? Can you see the sun beginning to set in the distance? Are you taking the views around you for granted? Stop it and pay attention!

What fun games and silly things do you do to help pass the time in a car or plane? What are some crazy road or town names that you’ve come across in your travels?

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Red and White Darth Vader Figures

Red and White Darth Vader Figures

I’ve been collecting Darth Vader merchandise for the past few years, and I stumbled upon a white Darth Vader this afternoon. This Vader was a part of the “Infinities” comic book series which illuminated alternate realities for the original trilogy. The red Darth Vader is a Holiday figure. I’m not sure if there are any other Vader figure colors out there – but if you know of one, please let me know.

Obi-Wan Kenobgeek